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JUN Auto Nissan GT-R Camshafts Specifications

January 10, 2010 Comments off

The quest for the 1000ps JUN GT-R engine continues with the development of camshaft upgrades for the VR38. To get there JUN have opted for the biggest cam profile so far with 264 degrees of duration on both the intake and exhaust sides. Lift is also the most aggressive yet with 10.5mm on both intake and exhaust.

Pricing is not available yet but perhaps we will be able to probe deeper at Tokyo AutoSalon later this week.

Link: Jun Auto Website

Tomei Poncam Camshafts for Nissan GT-R

January 6, 2010 Comments off

After just the right amount of anticipation, Tomei has joined the Nissan GT-R camshaft party with their own range of upgrades under the Poncam brand. Well respected in the tuning world forever, the Poncams are a drop in replacement for the standard items.

On the intake side, the Poncams increase duration to 256° and lift to 10.2mm with a initial lobe center angle of 124°. On the exhaust side the cams feature a 264° duration and 10.5mm of lift. Initial lobe center angle on the exhaust side is 115°. In comparison stock ones are 238°, 9.56mm intake and 248°, 9.88mm exhaust.

For now, there’s just one spec of Poncams for the VR38DETT, but at 134,400 yen in Japan for the full set they’re priced competitively. You can also opt for just the in or ex set for 67,200 yen a pop.

Tomei have a big showing planned for Tokyo AutoSalon 2010 which begins later this month (15th – 17th Jan) so we’ll be sure to snap a few photos of the cams in the flesh.

Link: Tomei USA Website

AAM Now Stocking Ferrea Valves for Nissan GT-R

December 30, 2009 Comments off

With all the big horsepower GT-Rs in the works it’s good to know someone is thinking about upgrades in head of these beastly VR38s. AAM have sourced these heavy duty intake and exhaust valves from Ferrea.

On the exhaust side, they’re built from Ferrea’s Nimonic90 Super Alloy which should be able to handle the heat even in the most extreme VR38 builds.

Intake wise, AAM selected the Ferrea Competition Plus Alloy valves as a solid upgrade over the standard items.

If you’re looking at a huge build, it might be something to think about and give Clint a call at AAM

Link: AAM Website

Midori Silent High Power NR Titanium Exhaust for Nissan GT-R

December 27, 2009 Comments off

Well 2010 is about upon us so it’s time to roll out new noise regulations across Japan. The first aftermarket titanium exhaust we’ve seen that’s certified to the new standard is the Midori Silent High Power NR Titanium system proving it’s not all bad news for GT-R owners over there.

The Midori exhaust system is a mid-pipe back system that offers improved exhaust flow efficiency while keeping the loudness in check. In fact at full throttle it’s just 0.6db louder than a standard exhaust. At idle howerver it sounds more grumbly and bassy which at lot of us will appreciate and seek in an aftermarket exhaust.

Due to use of lightweight materials, the muffler section weighs in at just 8.65kg, a saving of 1.2kg over the standard OEM item.

Link: Midori Seibei Center Website

COBB Tuning Release Stainless Midpipes for Nissan GT-R

December 20, 2009 Comments off

COBB Tuning have completed yet another addition to their lineup just days after announcing their Intake Hose Kit for the GT-R. This time it’s a range of 3.5″ stainless steel midpipes for the GT-R which are built to the typical top quality finish of other COBB Tuning products.

The midpipes are constructed from 304 grade stainless steel and are tig welded and the flex sections are internally lined for extra durability. The primary pipe diameter is 2x 3″ which feeds into a single 3.5″ pipe downstream.

The catless version predictably deletes the two secondary catalytic converters on the OEM version while the catted version features two fixed high flow cat coverters to keep the exhaust nice and street legal.

The guys at COBB have seen some decent gains from this midpipe and have published the dyno charts using this really cool online dyno graph tool.

Head on over to the link below to check out just how much extra power they can squeeze out from just this simple to bolt up part…

Link: COBB Tuning Midpipes @ Official Website

Borla Stainless Steel Cat Back Exhaust for Nissan GT-R

December 14, 2009 Comments off

Borla Exhaust for Nissan GT-R

Borla have released this very interesting new exhaust for the Nissan GT-R. A stainless cat back true dual exhaust system. What we mean by that is that the exhaust from each turbocharger is kept seperate for the entire length of the exhaust because they have two large diameter pipes from the downpipes back.

The Borla exhaust deletes the secondary cats and replaces them with resonators in the midpipe section. It retails around the $3,499 mark and is available. now.

Link: Borla Website

SaRD Premium Exhaust Front Pipes for Nissan GT-R

November 30, 2009 Comments off


Sard have had a midpipe in the market for quite some time now but only now are they adding to their exhaust lineup with this new set of front pipes. These 76mm front pipes replace the OE units deleting the primary catalytic convertors and saving a lot of weight in the process.

Sard’s midpipe offering, the SaRD Sports Catalyzer, is a high flow cat model so the whole setup should remain street legal with any luck.

Pricing on the front pipes is 123,988 yen in Japan. The midpipes are 220,500 yen and the set together are 336,000 yen. Check your local distributor of SaRD products for local pricing.

Link: Sard R35 GT-R Website


Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust for Nissan GT-R

October 11, 2009 Comments off


Akrapovic have now completed their highly anticipated titanium Evolution exhaust for the Nissan GT-R. This exhaust encompasses the full system from the front / Y pipes back and deletes the secondary catalytic converters on the way.

In doing so the entire exhaust loses 17.3kg in weight due to the titanium construction and simplified silencer setup, total weight is 14.3kg. The exhaust gas flow is also enhanced greatly by a the larger diameter piping resulting in some signifcant horsepower and torque gains. Horsepower is increased by up to 17hp @ 6260rpm while torque is increased by 56.1Nm @ 2600rpm (41.4 lb/ft).

The exhaust will retail around the 5,890 Euro mark.

Thanks to Ben @ GTC Racing for the tip off.

Link: Akrapovic Official Website


Zele Performance Release Type-1 Titanium Exhaust and Titanium Midpipes

October 9, 2009 Comments off


It’s been a full year, almost exactly to the day, since we last had an update on the Zele Performance Type-1 FZ-Titanium muffler for the R35 Nissan GT-R. Zele have this week finally announced the release of the exhaust which is targetted specifically to those chasing maximum performance and weight saving while expecting the absolute best quality fit and finish.

The Type-1 FZ-Titanium exhaust is a single side exit exhaust which saves weight and allows the user to install transmission or differential coolers in the vacant area opposite. It’s fully manufactured in Japan from titanium for durability and lightness and tips the scales at just 6.5 kgs (vs. 17kgs of the OE item).

The main pipe diameter is 89.1mm which splits into two 120mm exit tubes via a pair of resonators. If you guessed this exhaust might be a signifant upgrade in the sound department, you guessed right and you can check out the sound in the video we shot @ Zele headquarters in Yokohama earlier in the year.

The price for the exhaust is 348,000 yen in Japan.

Next up is the Zele FZ-Titanium front pipes. These high flow cat fitted front pipes keep your car street legal and emissions friendly while improving exhaust flow. They weigh less than half the standard front pipes as well at 5.2kgs (vs. 13.3kgs for the stock ones).

These front pipes go for 248,000 yen in Japan.

Hit up the links below to get more information and find your nearest Zele Performance dealer. Zele will also be attending SEMA 2009 this year in Las Vegas from 3rd – 6th of November. Visit them at their booth.

Link: Zele Performance FZ-Titanium Muffler Type-1
Link: Zele Performance FZ-Titanium Front Pipes

APEXi Exhaust for Nissan GT-R – Coming Soon

October 3, 2009 Comments off


APEXi have been quiet on the Nissan GT-R scene since launch with barely a peep that they were in development. Recently however, they’ve been throwing around a few sneak peek pixelated images so we were eagerly anticipating their take on the exhaust system for the GT-R.

They didn’t dissapoint, they managed to craft a unique design that is both logical and attractive. The theory is that splitting the exhaust flow from 1 into 2 and then 4 again as most manufacturers are doing it creates more turbulence in the gas flow. The APEXi exhaust only splits the flow in one location, 1 into 4.

That’s the theory anyhow, the sound is also obviously going to be a lot sportier with these smaller resonators. Something that tops the list of reasons people upgrade the GT-Rs exhaust.

Finally, the APEXi exhaust is a good looker being finished in high quality polished stainless steel with attractive looking burnt titanium tips.

Expect this to be out on sale later in the month and sell for around the 285,000 yen mark.

Link: APEXi Official Website