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GTC 750R Demo Car Shows Off GTC’s New Parts Lineup

July 10, 2010 Comments off

UK based tuner GTC Racing has been making a great name for itself with GT-R tuning and original parts since launch and the latest iteration of the combined knowledge and hardware is the GTC750R GT-R. The team have put it through it’s paces on the dyno and on the track. The result is a GT-R that is hypercar quick with looks to match.

The car features a lengthy list of modifications with some of the highlights being:

  • GTC 90mm Titan Exhaust with GTC Titan 90mm Y-Pipe
  • GTC 80 mm Zircotech coated de-cat front pipes
  • Hybid IHI/Garret GT30 ball bearing turbos
  • Garret Wastegate Actuators
  • 1000cc ID Injectors
  • GTC 80mm MAF pipes (prototypes) – w/ HPX MAF sensors
  • Twin 255 lt fuel pumps w/ upgraded fuel lines
  • GTC Marston Core Intercooler w/80mm hard pipe kit (no BOVs)
  • GTC Radiator
  • GTC 14 plate clutch system & steel plates & shims
  • Prototype gearbox cooler (water type)
  • Alloy extended gearbox oil pan
  • Alloy engine sump
  • COBB Tuning AccessPORT w/GTC custom tune

With those mods, and a good driver, it reeled off a 10.3 @ 139 mph during it’s shake down testing. The guys report that they have cracked the GT-R’s infamous launch control systems and can now raise the ECM’s launch rev limit to wherever is most optimal. Given that, we expect to see an interesting few runs coming up soon both from GTC and from abroad.

For more information on the latest range of GTC products for the GT-R, head over to the GTC-R website, give them a call or check out their discussion thread over on the NAGTROC forums.

Link: GTC Website

Power House Amuse and GT-RR Launch R1000 Titanium Exhaust

June 22, 2010 Comments off

Powerhouse Amuse Japan has developed a special exhaust using GT-RR’s collaborative specifications for worldwide market sales. The new exhaust is known as the “R1000 GT-RR SPL STTI” and is produced by Amuse in Japan using their proprietary STTI (super tough titanium/Ti) material. The exhaust which was developed in collaboration between GT-RR.COM and Amuse takes the successful design of Amuse’s prior R1 Titan Extra STTI model and increases the size from 80mm to 90mm to maximize power in higher boost GT-R applications. Additionally, after considering GT-RR’s research, adjustments to sound tuning were made and the result is a more prominent supercar appropriate tone.

The design utilizes Amuse’s highly effective twin horizontal resonators for sound control but does not use any other resonators on the piping. As a result of the new design, the R1000 GT-RR SPL STTI exhaust yielded surprising results during Amuse Japan’s dyno test. After repeated testing, the new special exhaust has produced 21 horsepower more than the previous Amuse exhaust system on the very same GT-R.

For more information on the fabrication and attention paid to detail, or to order the R1000 STTI exhaust, hit up the link below to go straight to the website

Link: Amuse R1000 GT-RR SPL STTI Exhaust @

AMS Performance 1000hp GT-R Build: Turbo Kit Test Fit Time

June 5, 2010 Comments off

With the manifolds done and the engine still on the stands its the perfect time to test fit the turbo kit parts and to start building out all the custom length hoses, piping and mounting brackets they will need to bring it all together.

The AMS guys have also begun to build out the all important heat shield prototypes. With huge power comes a huge amount of heat and controlling that inside the tight GT-R engine bay will be key to the durability of this kit.

Hit up the AMS Perfomance Blog to follow this and other GT-R builds linked below…

Link: AMS Performance Blog

AMS Performance 1000hp GT-R Build: Ãœber Cast Manifold Prototypes

May 12, 2010 Comments off

The day has come in the process of building the AMS cast manifolds where they receive the prototype manifolds back from the casting shop. While these aren’t the exact final finish of the end product on the outside, the inside’s what matters and the guys say it’s top notch.

With these babies they’ll be able to re-install the engine build the remaining pieces of the kit and even get started on the tuning process.

Link: AMS Performance Blog

PowerCraft Hybrid Exhaust Version II for Nissan GT-R

March 16, 2010 Comments off

Not content to let the matter rest after their first foray into the Nissan GT-R exhaust market, PowerCraft have revised their Hybrid Catback Exhaust system to this bigger and better version.

Using a setup of user controlled valves, the exhaust can operate in tame daily driver mode when you need it to be. At a flick of the switch though you can instantly be as obnoxious as your right foot wants.

The system includes a 90mm straight pipe main section into the rear muffler set up. The exhaust then branches into 70mm piping to feed 4x 115mm titanium outlets. This is a 10mm increase over the previous version which seemed quite restrictive in comparison.

Price is 388,500 yen inc tax in Japan.

Link: Power Craft Japan

SouthSide Performance’s Mammoth 102mm Exhaust for Nissan GT-R

March 12, 2010 Comments off

When a big exhaust just isn’t enough, when you need to make maximum possible horsepower, and when you need to do all that and wake up people in the tri-county area you might want to check out SSP’s new mammoth 102mm exhaust.

Perfect for the track GT-R, this exhaust features 102mm diameter mandrel bent 304 grade stainless main section which branches into dual 76mm high flow mufflers on each side and finally into quad 127mm exhaust tips.

The guys use it on their record breaking drag GT-R so it’s certainly proven it can support the horsepower. It retails at $2,999.

Link: SouthSide Performance

Agency Power Electric Valve Controlled Exhaust System for Nissan GT-R

March 5, 2010 Comments off

Agency Power set out with a goal to design and build an exhaust that would be suitable for almost every GT-R owner. Sounds quite ambitious and it would be if they didn’t have a trick up their sleeve. This exhaust is really two exhausts in one with an electronically controlled valve to switch between the two. The valve controls the exhaust flow and can vary it to direct through rear mufflers or straight out the quad matte black tips.

This feat is doubly impressive when you consider it usually only features in the top end exhausts commanding big dollars but the Agency Power system crafted from 304 stainless will only set you back $4,000. Check out what it sounds like in the video below…

While we’re on the topic of Agency Power exhausts though, you might also want to checkout their range of catted and non-catted downpipes for the GT-R. These stainless items are 3″ in diameter and show decent gains on the dyno.

More information can be found by browsing the Agency Power website below…

Link: Agency Power – Electronically Controlled Exhaust
Link: Agency Power – Agency Power Catted Downpipes
Link: Agency Power – Agency Power Non-catted Downpipes

HKS Unveil New Turbo Lineup – Nissan GT-R Full HKS Turbo Kit Inbound

February 7, 2010 Comments off

HKS Premium Day was held just over a week ago now and it wasn’t all about on-track festivities. HKS also had an entire new turbo lineup to unveil. This is their new inhouse designed turbo lineup known as the HKS GTII.

Due to be released in March this year, HKS are also developing a full turbo kit for the Nissan GT-R that will utilize these turbos matched with a HKS exhaust manifold to directly compete with the current Trust TD06-20G kit that has been out for some time.

Source: Special Report – HKS Turbo Unveiled

MCR Release Stainless Downpipes for Nissan GT-R

January 24, 2010 Comments off

It’s been a while since we’ve updated new parts from MCR but they’ve been keeping themselves quite busy. Recently they’ve released a new set of stainless downpipes for the GT-R that delete the primary catalytic convertors.

Built from SUS304 grade stainless steel, these weigh in at 8kg less than the standard pipes. They measure 70mm in diameter and go for around 105,000 yen in Japan.

Link: MCR Website

AMS Performance 1000hp GT-R Build Update

January 23, 2010 Comments off

The build up of this monster Godzilla is not being rushed in any way. AMS have gained their solid reputation from doing things right and so, in that tradition here’s their progress so far.

Last update we showed you how they used a co-ordinate mapping machine to map the inside of the GT-R engine bay. This was done so they could correctly size the turbo, manifold, wastegate and downpipe configuration to completely maximise the available space. Since then they have spent a lot of time at the CAD software designing how the manifolds will meet all of their design goals like:

  • Completely equal length
  • Port matched
  • Smooth transitions
  • Ease of manifold bolt access
  • Cast in 304 stainless steel

They finished their preliminary design earlier this month and so it was time to move to the fitment testing part of the project. AMS use a plastic composite mock up of the complete part. This is printed in a sophisticated 3D printer by building up layer upon layer of plastic material to slowly build out a exact size replica part within a very tight tolerance.

Once out of the printer they can actually bolt this up to the car to ensure their design matches reality and that it truly will fit into the car. This is the next steps. As you can see in these photos it’s already bolted up to the VR38, next step is to drop the motor in the car and check if the custom heat shields bolt up as planned.

If everything checks out, AMS can organize to have the part cast in stainless steel. Once that is done then they’ll have the moulds for production for other customer cars.

For more pics and details, hit up the AMS Performance website and blog linked below!

Link: AMS Performance
Link: AMS Performance Blog