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Nissan Europe to Update Warranty and Maintenance Conditions for Euro GT-R Owners

October 15, 2009 Comments off


According to sources, Nissan Europe will issue a clarification on the warranty conditions which stipulate when owners can turn the GT-R’s sophisticated traction and stability control (or VDC, Vehicle Dynamic Control) system off and keep their warranty.

There will also be a change to the definition of Normal Operating temperature maximum to match common conditions found in Europe when driving across country. The maximum is raised from 110 C to 120 C.

Read the full text of the update below but as yet this is not confirmed directly from Nissan so take it with a grain of salt.

GT-R Update

  • A change in the policy regarding the Transmission Oil replacement
  • Clarification regarding the warranty coverage for driving with ESP/VDC in the “OFF” position

1) Transmission Oil replacement

The GT-R has been on sale in Europe for over 6 months now and during this time our engineers have been surveying the European market and customer usage. As a result of this work we are now in a position to make improvements to the following servicing procedure:

  • ‘Normal operating’ transmission oil temperature upper level has been raised to a maximum of 120’C (was 110’c)
  • Hot usage (extreme driving conditions), where the transmission oil has exceeded 120’C (was 110’C) will need changing within 3000 miles of running at this higher temperature – was 1800 miles.

During extensive testing in normal road conditions, including the Autobahns in Germany, the transmission oil temperature did not exceed 120’C and showed no evidence of degradation whilst running in this condition. Therefore, the top limit of the normal operating oil temperature range has been raised to 120’C. This means that, unless used in extreme conditions, transmission oil changes will only be required at the longer change interval of 18,000 miles or 18 months. The risk of requiring more frequent transmission oil changes has been significantly reduced.

2) Clarification regarding the warranty coverage for driving with ESP/VDC in the “OFF” position

The warranty restriction regarding ESP off is intended to advise customers that Nissan cannot warrant (or guarantee) the performance, safety or stability of the vehicle in this condition.

GT-R is a high performance supercar and as such, ESP is designed to help maintain a high level of dynamic stability. Mechanical failure encountered while driving with ESP Off is covered by warranty, any damage due to lack of driver skill and subsequent loss of vehicle control is obviously not warrantable.

There is no specific risk of mechanical failure from driving with ESP off and there is no intention to reject a warranty claim based on the ESP setting. There has never been a warranty claim rejected in Europe due to this and Nissan has no intention of doing so in the future.

However, it is Nissan’s social responsibility to strongly recommend ‘ESP On’ at all times, to maintain a high level of dynamic stability. The only circumstance Nissan recommends using ‘ESP off’ is to escape from mud/snow at low speeds.


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