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Stock Turbo Nissan GT-R ET and Mph Quarter Mile Records Fall

April 1, 2010 Comments off

In what was a big night for the GT-R tuner crowd, both trap speed and elapsed time Nissan R35 GT-R world records fell. Proving you don’t need a big custom modified turbocharger setup to really move in a GT-R.

The world record is now set to 10.36 @ 136.47mph driven by NAGTROC member godzilla2009 at PBIR in Florida. The video of that run is above. The car was fitted with only a few choice mods, completely standard turbochargers, and most importantly, tuned for E85 fuel. The modifications are:

  • Drag radials at the rears. Street tires in the front
  • Full exhaust
  • Upgraded Fuel Injectors
  • Running E85 tune by Jack Cecil (Horsepower Logic)
  • K&N panel filters
  • Upgraded wastegate actuators

It’s really amazing to see these stock turbo cars running so fast. Thanks to Chuck H from NAGTROC for getting us the info and the NAGTROC members racing and posting over on the forums.

Update: The run at 10.2 we were reporting earlier turned out to be a April Fools joke. Got me bad there.

Link: NAGTROC – 10.36@136.4x stock turbo E/T @ MPH RECORD!, fastest@ quickest stock turbo GTR!!!.