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Esprit Dry Carbon Wing for Nissan GT-R: Wing 052

April 19, 2010 Comments off

Esprit are well known for their past creative rear wing design for the Nissan GT-R – the GT Wing 262. You’ve seen it on the ‘blog before but for those who need a refresher you can see our photo gallery here. This week they released their latest update to their carbon parts catalog, the Wing 052 for the R35 GT-R.

Quite a striking design, one of these babies will set you back around 325,000 yen in Japan.

Link: Esprit Website (Japanese)

Esprit Dry Carbon Front Diffuser for Nissan GT-R

March 31, 2010 Comments off

Esprit have remained quiet for some time now on the development front but they’ve been busy behind the scenes. This front diffuser is the result of some hard R&D on the circuit where they found the ideal setup for front aerodynamics could be added on with relatively little fuss. It’s helped them to some fairly impressive laptimes @ Fuji Speedway as well.

The Esprit front diffuser replaces the GT-R’s standard front undertray with a dry carbon item. The diffuser channels air into the wheel arches for brake cooling and extends forward to offer more front downforce.

Almost all teams competing with GT-R’s in motorsports are finding additional front downforce helpful. The way they’re gaining it is, by and large, by adding front splitters and canards. This elegant solution may be welcome to those not wanting to DIY. Retail price is set at $3995.

Link: Esprit Front Diffuser @

GT-RR Launch Carbon Dry Japan Parts for Nissan GT-R

May 21, 2009 Comments off


GT-RR has teamed up with Japanese carbon parts manufacturer Carbon Dry Japan to launch their extensive range of Nissan GT-R parts globally. Carbon Dry Japan is already known for producing parts for other tuners such as Esprit for whom they manufacture Esprit Dry Carbon GT Wing 262 and front grilles. Having just been launched in Japan, GT-RR has already setup a partnership with the company to distribute globally and so, available now, is the full range of parts from aero to interior including:

Aero Parts

  • Dry Carbon Aero Hood
  • Dry Carbon Rear Wing
  • Dry Carbon Side Skirts
  • Dry Carbon Front Canards
  • Dry Carbon Rear Underspoiler w/optional F1 LED Tail light
  • Dry Carbon Rear Overfenders
  • Dry Carbon Front Lip Spoiler

Moving on to the interior we have:

  • Dry Carbon Console Surround
  • Dry Carbon Aircon Outlet Surrounds
  • Dry Carbon Shifter Center Surround
  • Dry Carbon Cup Holders

The quality of Carbon Dry parts has to be seen in person to fully appreciate. I checked out the Esprit parts recently and was impressed with what I saw. I think for the price you’d have pay for these items that’s something you might want to do before you make the jump.

For full photos of everything listed up there and pricing, hit up the link to the Carbon Dry Japan category over at GT-RR.

Link: Carbon Dry Japan parts on

Esprit Dry Carbon Wing for Nissan GT-R Released – GT Wing 262

March 14, 2009 Comments off

After a successful debut at Tokyo AutoSalon in January this year, the Esprit wing has found it’s way into production and on sale to the public. This GT Wing may be large but don’t let that fool you, it weighs in at just 2.1kg.

The official name for the Esprit Dry Carbon wing is the GTWing262 and it’s designed to offer more stability at high speed, more downforce when cornering and more rear end stability under hard braking from high speed. The GTWing262 is 1680mm wide by 300mm deep and is raised 175mm off the trunk. It bolts into two of your three standard spoiler bolt locations while a cover is included for the center holes.

One of the most unique wing designs we’ve seen and certainly a step away from the ordinary GTWing concept. You can pick one up for 275,100 yen in Japan or consult your local Esprit dealer, GT-RR, for more information on local pricing.

More photos of the Esprit Dry Carbon Wing after the jump…

Link: Esprit Website
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TAS09: Esprit R35 GT-R Shows Off Unique and Functional Aero

January 13, 2009 Comments off

Esprit fans will enjoy these pics of their new unique looking matte finished dry carbon fibre rear wing. Offering an alternative to the Voltex style big GT Wing concept this Esprit GT-R manages to pull off the look quite successfully.

We can also see here the Esprit dry carbon front air intake front bar modification as well as the Esprit intercooler peeking out from behind it.

The Esprit car is finished off with a 5Zigen exhaust system a pair of Bride racing bucket seats and a set of Prodrive 20″ wheels.

Link: Esprit Website
Link: Esprit Related Articles on GTRBlog
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Esprit Intercooler Upgrade with Dry Carbon Duct

November 14, 2008 Comments off

Esprit have come up with something GT-R owners have been looking for, a big front mount intercooler upgrade. While ARC took the route of a subtle flow and end tank upgrade, Esprit makes a bold move with a dual core horizontal flow cooler design.

Technically this should improve airflow across the intercooler as the air no longer needs to make a complete 180° turn.

Esprit’s tame racing driver Hisashi Wada-Q has been out at Suzuka Circuit putting the kit to the test combined with a HKS GT570 kit.

The good news is that on the track there is a significant decrease in intake air temps (56°C -> 41°C)and oil temps (126°C -> 112°C) while maintaining the same water temps. As we all know a cooler intake charge results in more power, and it does, making over 600 hp. Top work there.

So if you’re looking to make 600 hp and keep things cool you might just want to consider this kit when it’s released soon. The front dry carbon intercooler duct is available now for 113,000 yen.

Source: Esprit via