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SuperGT 2009 Edition Models from Ebbro Available Now

August 10, 2009 Comments off


Well in case you didn’t know, the 2009 model SuperGT GT500 specification car differs quite a bit from the 2008 model car from the same series. Rule changes made for this season had the effect of limiting rear downforce by shortening the rear overhang maximum. Nismo completely redid the rear end aero, rear wing and front aero to compensate and to make the most of the new regulations. They then went and added improved cooling to the car which is critical in the sweltering summer races like Sepang Circuit in Malaysia.


Ebbro have produced two new models to kickoff the 2009 SuperGT GT-R range – a 2009 #1 MOTUL Autech Nismo GT-R and a 2009 Okayama Test car used during aero prototyping at Okayama circuit. Cars representing each team are also planned so also look out for a IMPUL Calsonic #12, Hasemi TOMICA Ebbro #3 and a WOODONE ADVAN Clarion #24 model to follow.

Ebrro models are superb in quality but limited in production, especially the test car versions. Pick them up while you can!

Photos: 14Moon Blog
Link: Buy Ebbro GT-R Models Online @

Ebbro Nissan GT-R SpecV 1/43rd Scale Model Photos

June 29, 2009 Comments off


A couple of photos that landed in my news feed of the Ebbro 1/43rd scale Nissan GT-R SpecV model that should now be on sale. As usual the Ebbro models are of excellent quality with high amount of attention to the details. This one is in Ultimate Opal Black but you can also find them in Brilliant White Pearl.

These should sell around the $30 – $40 mark if you can find them at your local Ebbro stockist.

Ebbro Show Range of 2009 Nissan GT-R Models at Shizuoka

May 24, 2009 Comments off


The Shizuoka Hobby Show, an annual event where model makers show off their latest and future creations, finished up last weekend and today I spotted these photos of Ebbro’s upcoming 2009 range of 1/43rd scale Nissan GT-R models. Set for a June release, the SuperGT GT500 GT-Rs of all four teams in their 2009 specification aero and livery are looking good. I have the Ebbro 2008 SuperGT cars and the quality of them at this scale is top shelf.

We can also see that the FIA GT Test car in both all carbon finish and final 2009 FIA championship season livery will be released. This is set to June and may be a tough one to get a hold of as pre-orders are filling up and production may be limited.

Finally the GT-R SpecV models were shown and should be available in June as well, while they look good I think the HPI SpecV models look slightly better. Unfortunately HPI SpecV model will be four times more expensive at 16,500 yen versus the 4,000 yen expected for the Ebbro version.

Many of these models are available for pre-order already from certain Japanese hobby stockists, I always rely on Hobby Link Japan for all of these and the pre-orders.

Link: Hobby Link Japan – Ebbro GT-R Models
Source: via Yahoo Japan Blogs SuperGT GT-R Memorial Model Set – Pre-Orders Available

September 2, 2008 Comments off

In spring 2008, five years after the last of the R34s raced in Japan, the GT-R once again returned to Japanese touring car racing. At the innagural race of the season, the Suzuka 300km, the Nissan R35 GT-Rs demonstrated overwhelming speed to secure pole position and then go on to win in first and second place.

In commemoration of the debut 1-2 win of the Nissan GT-R in the 2008 SuperGT series, have put together this memorial model set. Featuring the GT500 Nissan GT-Rs of teams XANAVI NISMO and MOTUL AUTECH, modelled by Ebbro in 1/43rd scale and mounted in a clear display case. The display also features the autographed plates of the drivers Satoshi Motoyama, Benoit Treluyer, Michael Krumm and Masataka Yanagida.

Due out at the end of September the model set is limited to 2000 units and is likely to retail around the 15,500 yen mark plus shipping.

Link: Pre-Order online at Zele Online Store

Up Close With the Ebbro 1/43rd Scale SuperGT Model

August 25, 2008 Comments off

Ebbro have a history of producing great, detailed models of the Japanese GTC SuperGT cars and this GT500 Nissan GT-R is no exception. Something about this level of detail just makes me want to buy them all. Sold complete with base it’d look great on your desk.

This particular one is available now through Hobby Link Japan for 4,500 yen plus shipping to your country. They have stock right now so it’s only a few day wait for EMS shipping.

Link: Buy this now at Hobby Link Japan
Link: R35 GT-R Models @ Hobby Link Japan

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Ebbro 1/43rd Scale GT-R Model Available Now

June 19, 2008 Comments off

When we first broke the story of Ebbro’s upcoming 1/43rd scale Nissan GT-R back in early May we were bitter at the month long wait to get our hands on them but with no choice we tested our patience. It’s paid off because I forgot about them and now they’re here. Available initially in Dark Metal Gray, Pearl White and Ultimate Metal Silver these models are now available at all the regular stockists of Japanese models and toys. Price is around the 3,900 yen mark.

Hobby Link Japan is who I normally use and they’re showing stock available now but you better hurry, Ebbro are saying they’ve already sold out! More pics after the jump.

Photos: Zele International Online Store
Link: Hobby Link Japan

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Photo Gallery: Shizuoka Hobby Show -Tamiya, Aoshima, Fujimi, Kyosho GT-Rs

May 16, 2008 Comments off

So the show is in full flight today with the general public finally allowed in to witness the latest models on display. The GT-R models are numerous and we’ve seen a lot of them already. Here we’ll get a look inside the show itself and checkout the Tamiya booth. We’ll also head over to Aoshima’s booth and check out their and Fujimi’s progress with their GT-R models. Lastly we’ll see what else is cooking that we haven’t seen before until now.

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Ebbro Die Cast 1:43rd Scale Nissan GT-R

May 12, 2008 Comments off

Following on from the imminent 1:24th scale plastic model launches from Tamiya, Aoshima and Fujimi. Die cast model maker Ebbro has it’s die cast versions on the way next month.

The die cast model will be priced at around the $40 USD (3,990 yen RRP) mark and will be available in three colours initially:

  • Ultimate Silver
  • White Pearl
  • Dark Metal Gray

Link: Ebbro Japan Home Page