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Two More GT-Rs Run 9’s and New Records All Round

April 13, 2010 Comments off

A huge day for GT-R drag racing enthusiasts with not one but two more GT-Rs entering the mega exclusive 9 second R35 GT-R club.

A lonely club it was for the single GT-R in it until today when SP Engineering smashed the record and dug deep into the 9’s with a amazing 9.62 @ 150.75mph at SpeedWorld drag strip in Arizona, USA. That is seriously moving.

It was quickly followed by NAGTROC member Hing (rsfootball) who had an amazing day as well running back to back 9’s with a best of 9.8 @ 148mph.

Both of these cars feature the GReddy TD06-20g twin-turbo upgrade kit and were running the 18″ drag radials on Volk TE37 wheels for the best runs.

The SP Engineering car also has further modifications to the engine including:

  • GReddy Intercooler
  • CP Pisons with coating (standard sized)
  • Carrillo Conrods
  • 1000cc Injectors
  • SP Engineering Fuel Pump Setup w/FPR
  • TiTek Titanium Race Midpipe
  • TiTek Titanium Race Exhaust
  • Cobb AccessPORT

With all that said though, the clutches remain stock. You can actually check out their massive engine overhaul photo thread on their website here for pics of the engine components.

Hing’s car on the other hand is slightly milder, while it does have the same GReddy TD06-20g twin turbo kit, its still running standard internals… Yep a standard motor, upgraded fuel system, Cobb AcessPORT, GReddy Titanium Exhaust and Dodson Motorsport/Exedy upgraded clutch packs! There’s more to it than that but I’ll let Hing decide if he wants to divulge the rest over on NAGTROC

On this setup, and his own 20″ drag radials, he was running back to back 9.9’s. It was when he switched out to the 18″ drag radials that he dipped into the 9.8’s.

For these runs, both cars were running C16 fuel the track temps were around 120° F and air temps were about 80°F.

Congrats to Hing, SP Engineering and everyone involved in this huge success!

Link: SP Engineering Website
Link: NAGTROC Discussion Thread

SSP Set New Quarter Mile MPH Record – 10.37 @ 134

June 28, 2009 Comments off

Just over a month since MVP Motorsports set the quarter mile record for the Nissan GT-R of 10.31 @ 131 mph, SSP have struck back with a few strong runs down the strip. In one outing they’ve managed a 10.49 @ 132mph and then a extremely strong 10.37 @ 134mph. These runs were done in very hot ambient temps (107 F) which means that may even see better times out of this car when the weather cools down a bit.

For now the fastest ET still stands at 10.31 sec but the SSP GT-R, with it’s higher trap speeds, is arguably putting out slightly more horsepower.

Link: SSP GT-R New MPH Record – Dicussion thread at NAGTROC

Samurai Speed Set Nissan GT-R Quarter Mile Record: 10.47 @ 132 mph

April 12, 2009 Comments off

Samurai Speed
is back at it again out on the track setting records. Many of you will remember that this very same GT-R had previously set the bar high with their 10.53 ET backed by their famous exploding gearbox trick. Two hundred launches tend to do that to any gearbox.

Since then however the car has been off the road while solutions were found to the problem of repairing the gearbox without resorting to replacing it with an entirely new transaxle assembly from Nissan. Enter PPG’s first gear and input shaft set available and shipping as of last month. For $1,500 in parts and using inhouse labour they were able to replace the faulty gear and enhance the strength at the same time.

In between then and now, Samurai Speed also fitted up a nitrous system as well but have not rigged it to automatically function yet. So a 25 shot per side, manually activated was all that was used this run.

Congrats John and great work to all the guys @ Samurai Speed.

Link: Samurai Speed Website
Link: Discuss this over @ NAGTROC