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Aeromotions Set to Launch New Ultra Performance Wing for Ultra Performing GT-Rs

May 17, 2010 Comments off

Demand for tougher aero that can stand up to the challenge of faster and faster GT-Rs is growing it seems so the active downforce pioneers over at Aeromotions have stepped up to the plate. They’ve gone back and tweaked the carbon blade on their R2 line of static and active wings for added strength.

Not only that but they’ve also been doing their homework when it comes to mounting the new version of the R2 wing. It now will mount in the standard wing’s location and cover the standard wing’s mounting with the plate feet. While you will have to drill a new hole on each side to properly fit the wing, this hole will also be covered up by the OEM wing should you have the need to swap back. Very neat and way better than swapping out the entire trunk lid or something. The R2.TWO dynamic wing also gets updates to the control system to make it simpler to mount.

The static R2, even this tougher better version, will continue to sell for just $1,699, check out the Aeromotions website for more info, linked below…

Link: Aeromotions Website