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SpeedForSale Opening Unveils Dodson GR6 Straight Cut and Custom Ratio Sets

November 18, 2010 Comments off

Dodson Straight Cut Gears for GTR

SpeedForSale hosted a grand opening for their new facility in the Atlanta, GA area last weekend and managed some impressive attendance from customers and fans. With a parking lot full of GT-R, Supra, Viper, Corvette, and many more niche sports cars, everyone had the opportunity to chat with their old friends and make some new ones, while also checking out the new shop, equipment, and projects going on at SpeedForSale.

Glenn from Dodson Motorsport was in attendance at the event, and he had some of their upcoming new products on hand to display. The most exciting of these new parts, which have been in demand for quite some time now, are the new custom gear ratio sets available in both standard helical cut and the new heavy duty STRAIGHT cut option. Standard gear ratios are also available in the Straight Cut flavor.

These parts are currently being tested on Dodson’s Tarmac Rally car to ensure quality and reliability prior to being released and will be ready to ship in 2-4 weeks.

SpeedForSale is one of only a select few Dodson Certified Pro Dealers and installers in the world. These new Dodson GR6 items are now available for pre-order on their webstore. Click here to pre-order.

Link: SpeedForSale Grand Opening Gallery
Link: Dodson Gear Sets and GT-R Parts @
Link: Dodson Motorsports Website

Switzer and Dodson Join to Offer Strengthened Nissan Transmissions

January 28, 2010 Comments off

Nissan GT-R gearbox upgrades are popping up more and more these days. Dodson Motorsports out of New Zealand are the pioneers in the field of upgrading the known weak spots in the Nissan’s GR6 DCT.

Switzer are joining forces with Dodson to offer the latest upgrades and strengthening parts for the GT-R transmission. They’ll also be using them in their own upcoming builds so have the advantage of having the real world test data to back them up. One of the very next upgrades that should feature in the Switzer builds are the above upgraded heavy duty GR6 clutch assemblies.

Should be some more info soon on packages and pricing, either way its great to see more options on the market outside of doing the hard work of finding a transmission shop you can trust.

Link: Switzer: New Development Partner: Dodson Motorsport
Link: Dodson Motorsport