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Do-Luck Carbon Honeycomb Front Diffuser System – Sneak Peek

April 8, 2010 Comments off

Here’s our first look at one of the best new Japanese carbon products to be produced for the GT-R yet. Do-Luck have enjoyed a stellar reputation for quality and innovation in their aero products for many years now and finally they’re turning their talents to the GT-R.

The Do-Luck front diffuser seen here is still a prototype mold but it gives you a solid idea of the features the final version will have. Firstly and most obviously you can see the aerodynamic shape of it is designed to give a needed boost to front downforce. Secondly, wide, integrated brake ducting channels feature prominently. This is important because many GT-R owners are putting that as one of the critical criteria for front diffuser selection.

As hinted in the title, the construction of the front diffuser will be a carbon fibre honeycomb for both strength and weight reduction. The front lip and under diffuser will be a single piece. The bottom plates that add the front spoiler sections on each side are then bolted on to finish it off.

All tallied, one would normally expect to pay a decent premium for something like this, JDM parts, carbon honeycomb? GT-RR have done some hard negotiating on your behalf and have the price down to around the $2595 mark.

Pre-orders available now for a May 2010 estimated ship date. Hit up the link below to secure yours now.

Link: Do-Luck Carbon Front Diffuser @ GT-RR

JDC Carbon Rear Diffuser for Nissan GT-R

September 3, 2009 Comments off


Just what you need to see, more jaw droppingly good looking carbon fibre parts for your Nissan GT-R. This rear diffuser from JDC suits those who are looking to increase rear downforce and at the same time look damn good doing it.

Made and designed in the US from carbon fibre it also manages to incorporate cooling ducts for the rear diff.

Just a few sets from the initial production run are available so you better get in quick. Priced at $2,300, you can get in touch with Vildini Motorsport for more information.

Source: Alex @ Vildini Motorsport
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