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Nismo Data Logging MFD Upgrade for Nissan GT-R In Detail

March 2, 2010 Comments off

You may remember our brief encounter with the Nismo Data Logging MFD from Tokyo AutoSalon where we got to play with a Nismo ClubSport GT-R with the option fitted. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get any time with a car to really see what it can do but fortunately our friends at did.

What you see in the above screenshot is pretty much the extent of the facilities available in the kit. This is very similar to other third party data logging systems like Traqmate but without the neat video integration features that set those systems apart.

In detail you get engine coolant and oil temperature, transmission oil temperature, speed, boost pressure, steering angle, brake application percentage, accelerator application percentage, gear position, and G-force (lateral, acceleration and braking) data.

The Nismo Data Logger can also be used with an optional Nismo Lap Sensor Kit to give accurate timing data for circuit work and there are two models available, the Base and the Plus. The differences between the kits are detailed below, suffice to say the Plus model integrates GPS data to give accurate plots of your circuit in the analysis software.

Product Features Model Compatibility
Nismo Data Logging Kit BASE Data Analysis Software CD + USB Key JDM MY07 – MY09 JDM MY10
USB Memory Stick (for data logging) X

Nismo Data Logging Kit PLUS All features of BASE plus    
GPS Sensor (Coming Soon) X

Control / Junction Box X


Yes you read that right, early model GT-Rs need not apply as this feature is simply not compatible. It needs to be fitted by your Nissan HPC in Japan also so that rules out buying it separately for the overseas grey import folks.

If you’re interested purely in the lap sensor kit, it is something that can be bought separately and integrated into your Nissan GT-R’s MFD from MY2007 onwards using the supplied wiring harness. A neat piece of integration that some will appreciate. It’s also available in two models, a Type M using magnetic sensors which already exist on many circuits and a Type B kit that comes with it’s own infrared beacon and appropriate infrared sensors for all other circuits.

When installed, the Nismo Lap Sensor kit will log lap timing data to the GT-R’s compact flash (CF) slot (MY07-MY09) or USB memory slot (MY10+) in a CSV (Comma Seperated Value format) that you can open up in MS Excel later on.

Some neat pieces of kit overall, the Lap Sensor Kit is probably of most interest to the world in general but we can’t confirm it will function on USDM / European model cars yet. We also don’t have pricing either but it might be difficult to justify either way over existing, albeit less integrated, proven and affordable timing systems.

Source: – Nismo Datalogger

Tokyo AutoSalon 2010: Nismo ClubSport Nissan GT-R Data Logging Option

January 15, 2010 Comments off

The 2010 Nismo ClubSport package Nissan GT-R was at the show today so we asked Nismo for the lowdown on the new data logging kit option. Given access to the ClubSport GT-R we were able to fiddle about with it to discover what it means.

From what we could tell, it’s much the same MFD that we’re used to, however it’s now fitted with a USB port in the center console next to the standard 12v power socket. Utilising this, it is possible to store the MFD data on a USB storage device for examination and import into software later. In that way, it’s a useful tool to help you improve your driving on the circuit.

We didn’t spot too much in the way of software tweaks on the car itself and didn’t have access to or learn of any software Nismo supplies to read the data so we can’t draw any conclusions on that side of things.

Overall is this option welcome? Yes, if available by itself on a base model GT-R at the dealership. If you need the Nismo ClubSport package to take advantage of it then I don’t see it being a top seller.

That being said, we’re aware that other manufacturers are building friendly data logging units for the GT-R now which are likely to have the same data export features.

Time will tell which is the better option to go with.

Link: Nismo ClubSport Website
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Tokyo AutoSalon 2010: Nissan to Debut GT-R Data Logging Option

January 5, 2010 Comments off

Nissan have announced their plans to attend Tokyo AutoSalon 2010 this month. The Nissan booth will feature 9 vehicles including the Nismo ClubSport Package Nissan GT-R and the 2008 SuperGT Championship winning #23 Xanavi GT500 class R35 GT-R.

One interesting thing to note is that the Nismo ClubSport kitted GT-R will be of the 2010 model flavour and be fitted out with the forthcoming Nismo Data Logger MFD option.

The Nissan GT-R 2010 model also includes the newly developed “NISMO Data Logger Kit”, which makes it possible for the driver to download their driving data via USB and view it on a computer. With this data logger kit, NISMO provides a new driving pleasure in which the driver has a full complement of options to analyze driving data acquired at the driving circuit.

Nismo will also be offering a limited edition #23 Xanavi GT500 model on sale. Only 996 numbered units will be up for grabs so if you plan on attending it might make a nice keepsake.

Link: Nissan’s Tokyo AutoSalon Website