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Jotech Gives us a Peek at a Darton Sleeved VR38 Block

April 27, 2010 Comments off

Always good to get a look at the finished product, after first hearing about Darton having sleeves for the VR38DETT some time back now, here’s the first photos I’ve personally seen of them actually fitted up.

These photos are courtesy of Jotech Motorsports based in Texas who are now offering the sleeving service for $1,100 in labour plus $1,325 for the sleeves themselves provided you deliver them your OEM block. If you want them to provide a block it’s another $3,231 on top.

Hit up their website for their contact details linked below…

Link: Jotech Motorsports Website

Gruppe-S / Dynamic AutoSports Sleeve VR38 for Monster GT-R Engine Build

December 12, 2009 Comments off


Planning to be in the running for one of the toughest GT-R engine builds to date, Gruppe-S has been working with Darton on a set of sleeves that should see them to 1000hp without trouble.

You may recall that we mentioned their stroked VR38 ideas after we first heard about them at SEMA this year. Well with any luck, this block right here will be the first VR43DETT sleeved and ready to go. Yep that’s 4.3 litres of displacement if all goes as planned.

There’s a lot more too it than just a block of course and they guys at Gruppe-S have also teamed up with JE Pistons to create a fully billet piston for the VR38. We’ll keep you updated as more details come to hand.

Link: Gruppe-S Engineering Blog / Gruppe-S Website