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C-West Full Carbon GT-Wing for Nissan GT-R Released

December 1, 2009 Comments off


Previewed earlier in the year, C-West have now rolled out the new full dry carbon GT-Wing for the Nissan GT-R for sale. Designed for high speed circuit applications, the wing is extremely lightweight and strong owing to it’s carbon honeycomb construction. The wing is also easily adjusted by way of the set pins on each end cap.

While this wing design is their high-speed downforce model, a second model offering more downforce, albeit with more drag, is planned for early next year.

High end wings like this don’t come cheap and price of admission is 682,500 yen in Japan. Expect a delivery 30 – 40 days after ordering as they’re made to order.

Source: C-West Website via


C-West Add Dry Carbon Trunk and Wing to their Aero Parts Catalogue

September 11, 2009 Comments off


Following on from their initial release of carbon fibre aero parts for the Nissan GT-R, C-West have added this sturdy looking rear wing and carbon fibre trunk hood to their range.

The trunk hood is made from dry carbon composite (DCC) which features an internal honeycomb construction for added strength. At the same time it’s extremely lightweight at just 2.9kgs. The trunk hood can be yours at around the 399,000 yen mark. Update: US Pricing is just in from -US GT-R owners can expect to pay around the $3,800 mark for this one.

The rear wing is still classified as in development but we can tell you it also will be manufactured in dry carbon composite material for it’s low weight and high material strength. It may not look pretty but a strong rear wing in this design should be quite functional in terms of adding rear downforce.

Link: C-West Website – Trunk Hood
Link: C-West Rear Wing

C-West Release Carbon Lineup for Nissan GT-R

July 22, 2009 Comments off


Japanese aero legends C-West have been teasing us with promises of their new aero kit since December last year and finally the wait to see what they’ve been busy creating is over.

Tastefully modeled in these photos on a Brilliant White Nissan GT-R SpecV, the C-West GT-R Aero lineup consists of a front half spoiler, side skirts and rear under finishers. A trunk lid and original design rear spoiler is currently under development.

Each of these new items is available in three constructions, a fibreglass reinforced plastic version (FRP) a polyfibre reinforced plastic (PFRP) and finally, a carbon fibre version.

Part FRP Price PFRP Price Carbon Price
Front Half Spoiler 45,150 yen 49,350 yen 90,300 yen
Side Skirts 63,000 yen 67,200 yen 126,000 yen
Rear Under Finishers 27,300 yen 31,500 yen 47,250 yen

Interesting look although it’s getting tougher to compete in the GT-R front-lip marketspace these days with so many quality contenders entering their parts.

What do you guys think of the C-West design? Too little too late?

Source: GTR-World: C-West Release Carbon Fibre GT-R Aero (Japanese)
Link: C-West Website

C-West Announce GT-R Body Kit Plans

December 5, 2008 Comments off

Popular original body kit designers and manufacturers C-West have announced their plans for a Nissan R35 GT-R kit to be released early next year. The kit so far consists of a front chin spoiler and a set of sideskirts.

C-West kits are usually top quality and manufactured in fibreglass to save on weight. Can’t wait to see this one completed.

Thanks to Stephen for the tip off!

Link: C-West Home Page