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Zele Performance Revoke UK Dealership Status After Allegations of Copying Zele Products

June 13, 2009 Comments off


It’s not all news about performance parts and motor racing here, sometimes there is drama in the GT-R scene. While much of it goes on behind closed doors and in non public forums, this allegation caught my eye.

When Zele International had completed and debuted their world renowned Nissan GT-R aero parts back in January 2008, they had a mission to make the parts available globally. To do so, they signed up with a range of well known, well established businesses in a dealership model. So now, we can enjoy some very well known, local faces, who can get us our favourite Zele Performance parts all backed by Zele’s after sales service. All good so far.

It seems, according to Zele’s most recent website update, that one such dealership in the UK may have abused their dealership status to import Zele Products at a very low cost for “promotional” purposes, have them copied, modified slightly and then sold as their own product. Photos of the “new” parts fitted to one of the dealers own cars were taken at a local event and then published on a local UK forum. From the photographs its easy to see a resemblance.

The sad part about this is the company in question is generally thought to be a well respected business. Most certainly not a fly-by night web site. Copying parts is the cheap option these days and when no R&D is necessary your margins are higher. It’s really up to the buying public to vote with their money and choose to buy genuine items.

You can read the whole announcement by following the link below and the parts in question in the photos attached.

A very sad day indeed.

Link: Zele Revoke Authorized Dealership Website Update