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JRZ RS Pro Silent Edition Suspension for GT-R from Forged Performance

April 15, 2010 Comments off

JRZ has established a solid reputation for quality suspension that works extremely well on the GT-R at the track. While the suspension is also great for street GT-Rs some users experience a noisier than expected ride due to the use of solid top mounts. This user feedback has been taken and JRZ are now announcing a new version of the RS Pro suspension known as the RS Pro Silent Edition.

By combining the track proven goodness of the JRZ race suspension and the OEM top mounts you can get a ideal high performance trackday/circuit use suspension without sacrificing streetability.

Some of the features of the RS Pro suspension are:

  • 22mm rod strut, 16mm rod damper
  • Mono tube
  • Double Adjustable Rebound and Compression
  • Precision CNC Machined Top Mount Adapter
  • Adjustable gas pressure
  • Piston sized for high performance
  • Street compliance valving
  • Precise canister
  • Large adjustment range
  • Fixed hoses for easy mounting
  • Steel piggyback

Here’s a bit more information direct from the announcement/release:

The RS Pro has a remote canister with a progressive blow off system. Progressive blow off allows for a stiff compression valving while maintaining smooth response. The result is a damper that provides ultra solid platform with smooth bump compliance. The JRZ standard large 22mm piston rod works in concert to maximize blow off valve response to great chassis control without using a high spring rate in strut applications. In damper applications the piston rod diameter is 16mm to achieve a balance between ride and control. The monotube design makes use of our unique RS Pro piston. By moving more fluid than our standard clubsport damper, the RS Pro achieves a higher level of chassis control. To customize track to track setups and tailor the chassis to the JRZ RS Pro has an extra large adjustment range. Each adjustment is designed to be an even step giving you predictability when making changes. JRZ clubsport dampers are designed to give the chassis tuner ultimate control.


The design of the RS Pro takes you to the next level. Stiffer cars with higher levels of power demand the control JRZ can supplies. With the control of gas pressure charge as well and compression and rebound adjustments, the RS Pro will get the most out of your high performance car. The JRZ RS Pro is shipped as a bolt on kit with installation instructions and always comes with our world renowned personal service JRZ.
Recommended applications:

  • Highly modified Street/DE
  • Experienced Club Racing

Sounds good? If you’re interested you can pickup your set from Forged Performance, visit the link below for more information there. Retail price is set at the $5530 mark.

Link: Forged Performance Website

KW Suspension Upgrades for Standard GT-R Suspension

February 20, 2010 Comments off

KW Suspension has added a new product to it’s already well known lineup of GT-R suspension products recently with the release of this KW Coilover Spring Kit for R35.

The kit enables aftermarket spring selection as well as introduces height adjustability to the Bilstein Damptronic suspension that comes standard with the GT-R. When fitted, drivers still get the benefit of the standard dampers and standard damper control settings of R, Normal and Comfort with the added benefits of lower possible ride heights, greater ride comfort, improved handling and better steering feel.

It’s out now and should be available from your local KW distributor. We found it for 152,250 yen in Japan from Hashimoto Corp.

Link: KW Suspension Website
Link: Hashimoto Corp