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COBB Tuning Release Secondary Oil Cooler for Nissan GT-R

September 9, 2009 Comments off


COBB Tuning really need no introduction for people in the GT-R world as their AccessPort product is the backbone for something like 99% of the world’s tuned Nissan R35 GT-Rs.

Today they’ve extended the range of top quality parts with the addition of a limited edition secondary engine oil cooler kit. Keeping engine oil temps in check is essential for anyone planning on even moderate amounts of circuit work, especially in warmer climates.

The core of this oil cooler kit is the Mocal 25 row air-to-oil cooler fixed in place by a custom CAD designed powder coated bracket. The bracket allows the core to be lined up to take advantage of the unused drivers side intake through which air is guided using genuine Nissan OEM ducting (included in the kit).

For the rest of the kit, nothing has been spared with attention to detail evident in every component. From the high quality anodized aluminum hose fittings to the genuine OEM replacement gaskets included.

Expect these to sell out fast but right now you can secure yours at one of the links below for just $1,395.

Buy: Cobb Tuning Limited Edition Secondary Oil Cooler @
Link: Cobb Tuning Limited Edition Secondary Oil Cooler

Cobb AccessPORT for Euro Spec Nissan GT-R Now Available

July 2, 2009 Comments off


Suffer no more Euro GT-R owners, the Cobb AccessPORT is now available for your Nissan GT-R! Thanks to the hard work and forsight by GTC-Racing based in the UK, who spent hours road and dyno testing, the AccessPORT can now be yours and features, as expected, two stages of power upgrades just as the overseas models do.

The net performance gain for each AP stage is:

Stage 1, 97 RON Fuel:

  • +63 hp and +70 lbft of torque

Stage 2, 97 RON Fuel:

  • +70 hp and +90 lbft of torque

So the Euro spec Cobb AccessPORT features not just those two maps but also the following purpose built maps:

  • Anti Theft (security mode, car will not start)
  • Valet Mode (reduces rev limit and power level, so car cannot be driven aggressively by others)
  • Stock Style (normal tune with only speed limiter removed)
  • Economy (maximum fuel economy mode, sacrificing performance for better fuel economy)

There are also tonnes of other extremely useful functions like:

  • Re-flashes ECU through factory Data Port (OBD)
  • Ability to uninstall and revert back to original (stock) ECU data
  • Ability to store multiple maps on unit, allows switching between maps at user’s convenience
  • Ability to read DTCs (trouble codes) from the ECU, BCM, Multi-AV, IPDM, Pre-crash Seat Belt, Meter/M&A, and Adaptive HL computers
  • Ability to clear DTCs (trouble codes) from all vehicle computers including infamous “Bonnet Light”
  • Ability to update reflash maps as improvements become available
  • Firmware is Internet updatable (new features may be added as they become available)

All up the Cobb AccessPORT is a bargain at £750 + VAT and is available immediately through our friends at GTC-R / who can be contacted through their website linked below.

Link: Cobb AccessPORT available at GTC-R
Link: Videos from GTC-R on Euro GT-R Tuning
Link: GTC-R Nissan GT-R Tuning Guide


Euro Spec GT-R Cobb AccessPORT Coming Soon

June 1, 2009 Comments off


Good friends of ours at GTC are assisting the testing phase for the European spec Nissan GT-R Cobb AccessPORT as of right now. Their brand new Euro GT-R has the prototype maps installed and is undergoing road and dyno testing this week. We’ve been told to expect it any moment for delivery into the eagerly awaiting hands of the European GT-R owners.

Good news for those who feel the GT-R could be just that smidge better … or even those who feel it could do with a whole lot more actually …

While you’re here you may as well check out some pics of the GTC-R development car below, nice stickers!

Source: Thanks to Ben @ GTC-Racing and