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SouthSide Performance’s Biggest Clutch Pack Upgrade Yet

March 18, 2010 Comments off

Being the first to offer clutch upgrades 12 months back in March 2009, SouthSide Performance have continued to develop and innovate in the GT-R aftermarket and are now ready to release their biggest upgrade to the GT-R’s GR6 transmission so far.

This upgrade features a 14 disc upgrade which is claimed capable of supporting up to 1000lbft of torque. This enhanced torque capacity comes in part from the increase in discs over the standard 12 disc OEM clutches.

The upgrade clutch set also comes with Viton brand seals for the OEM clutch basket. The guys at SSP say with the Viton seals replacing the OEM type, the stock clutch basket setup should be good for up to the 1000 lbft mark. So unless you plan to launch the space shuttle into orbit with your car, I think you’ll be fine there.

Hit up the SSP website linked below to get in touch with the guys if you have any more questions, or post them up over on NAGTROC where they check in daily…

Link: SouthSide Performance Website

Willall Racing Release WR35CP Clutch Upgrades for Nissan GT-R

November 15, 2009 Comments off


Willall Racing have just taken the wraps off their latest upgrade for the Nissan GT-R’s famous GR6 DSG transmission. These clutch packs replace the 12 OE clutch packs with high friction carbon kevlar composite discs and claim to offer 30% increase in clamping friction over standard.

Here’s a full list of the technical benefits:

  • Material: Composite Kevlar carbon high friction
  • Drive Coeff: up to 33% improvement with 0.125 friction index
  • Surface Area: up to 16% improvement in clutch face surface area vs factory
  • Temperature handling: Increase maximum clutch temperature point 400F versus 350F factory
  • Bonding: Double bonded up to 600F resistant, chemical resistant
  • Stiffness: Heat treated high strength steel construction at 68 Rockwell
  • Drainage: Deep wide fluid transfer slots for maximum fluid scavenging and heat transfer
  • Compatibility: Designed to work with factory and Willall transmission fluids

A full set of Willall WR35CP clutches will set you back $995.

Link: Willall Racing Website

Willall Racing Release GR6 Clutch Retaining Clips

October 12, 2009 Comments off


More transmission part replacements/upgrades from Willall Racing have been released recently. Known as the WR35CCL, these items replace the stock clips that keep the clutches on the main shaft. While I don’t pretend to know why Nissan went with such a weedy looking retaining clip (left) from the factory it’s evident that once you remove these you probably don’t want to put them back in and rely on them to keep your $26,000 transmission functional.

If you’re fixing or upgrading clutches, piston seals or anything internal to the trans, maybe consider an upgrade like this to do while you’re there. You’ll be replacing these clips anyway so why not go for a more substantial hardened steel version. The price is set at $150.

Link: Willall Racing WR35CCL

Limey Racing Announce Release of LR850 and OEM Replacement Clutch Packs

October 10, 2009 Comments off


Limey Racing have now released their clutch upgrade options for the Nissan GT-R as well as a OE style replacement option for those with worn standard clutches.

The upgraded, LR850 option, is rated to 800 lb/ft of torque at the engine or about 850 hp. These bad boys sell for $1350.

The standard style replacement option, for those who may have overenthusastically worn out their stock clutches on a mainly standard car, can be had for just $999. Hit up the link below for more information on obtaining these.

Link: Limey Racing Website

Transmission Adjustment for Everyone via Carman SCAN Tool

June 7, 2009 Comments off


Nextech’s Carman SCAN OBD-II scan tool has supported the Nissan GT-R for about a year now and has been used by many that don’t have access to or can’t afford the official Nissan Consult III hardware. It can read and diagnose GT-R error codes and clear them as well.

Recently Nextech have released an update that should allow Carman Scan tool owners to adjust GT-R TCM settings themselves, saving a trip to the dealership. The GT-R’s 6 speed dual clutch transmission, the GR6, has 4 settings for the automated clutches. These settings are regularly adjusted during service time to keep it performing at it’s peak. Adjusted incorrectly however and driveability and clutch heat problems issues can crop up.

On top of this the new update allows the modification of the ABS settings to tune braking performance and ABS sensitivity.

The Carman SCAN tool is still not cheap at around $4,000 for the unit but it’s an option for some and both Sunline Racing and MCR in Japan have added it to their tool kits.

Images: Sunline Racing and MCR
Link: Nextech Website

Photo Gallery: SSP Clutch Pack Upgrade Install and Update

May 28, 2009 Comments off


Southside Performance say they have had a lot of success with their upgrade clutches for the Nissan GT-R’s GR6 DSG gearbox today in their latest update. Running them in their development GT-R with over 700hp, they’ve managed to reduce any clutch slip issues significantly. Over 30 sets have found homes with GT-R owners worldwide to date.

Done properly, clutch upgrades like these wont only improve the GT-R’s ability to get power to the ground but should lead to lower transmission operating temperatures under load and thus less transmission maintenance overall. Priced from $1,399 they also come with a 1 year warranty, you can check out the full press release here.

Combine these with other upgrades to the transmission like the PPG 1st gear and input shaft upgrade of the PPG 1st-6th gear upgrades for a more robust gearbox all round.

One weak link down in the quest for big horsepower GT-Rs…

Link: SouthSide Performance

SouthSide Performance Upgrades for Nissan GT-R Clutch Packs

March 29, 2009 Comments off


It’s been a long product development cycle for SouthSide Performance on these. We originally got word that they were developing them back in October 2008. They’ve made it happen though and today they’ve announced the results of their efforts.

Two different clutch pack products are going on sale, from SSP the first of the two is the SS Clutch Pack. These are the first aftermarket OEM style clutch replacement solution for Nissan GT-R owners. Right now even Nissan will not replace a clutch on the GT-Rs sophisticated GR6 dual-clutch transmission so this is a godsend for anyone who’s modified their car and worn the clutches already. The SS Clutch Pack comes with 12 friction discs that are direct replacements for your factory items.

The second clutch pack is the RS Clutch pack. These have a larger (25% larger) friction surface area in order to handle the big power some of these modified GT-Rs are beginning to make. We’re told these RS Clutch Packs are perfect for those seeking up to 700 hp at the wheels.

Installation is relatively easy, something that can be undertaken at any competent transmission workshop. This is really good news for those who may not have too many R35 experienced techs in their neighborhood.

Price for the SS Clutch Pack is $1,399 with the RS Clutch Pack coming in at $1,599. Both should be ready to ship to customers at the end of April. For more information on ordering them, we urge you to go direct to SouthSide Performance at the link below.

For the full press release click the Read More link below…

Link: SouthSide Performance Website

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