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AAM Competition Parts Lineup for Nissan GT-R: Part 1 – Exhaust

April 7, 2009 Comments off


Altered Atmosphere (AAM) has recently unveiled quite a lineup of desirable high performance tuning products for the Nissan GT-R platform. First up lets take a look at their exhaust range.

We have a pair of T-304 grade stainless midpipes to choose from, both featuring a cat-less design. A resonated version which increases exhaust flow on the GT-R while saving weight but eliminates annoying cabin drone. There’s also a non-resonated design for those after lowest possible weight with the least exhaust flow restriction possible. The resonator fitted mid-pipe weighs in at just 17.6lbs, a 12.4lbs weight saving over the OE item and the non-resonator version is lighter again. Tested on the dyno, these midpipes are good for between 15 and 22hp at the wheels. They’re priced at $795 for resonated for $645 for non-resonated.

Next up is a pair of T-304 grade stainless turbine outlet/dump pipes for the GT-R. Featuring either catless or street legal high flow cat version. One of the first such designs we’ve seen on the market outside Japan, these high flow cat dump pipes are great for those wanting to boost performance while keeping emissions in check. These are priced at $1,495 but a catless version is also available for those looking for maximum performance without compromise which is just $995.

Sound clips of all AAM exhaust products are available online at their website linked below.

Link: AAM Online Store
Link: AAM Exhaust Soundclips Section