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Power House Amuse and GT-RR Launch R1000 Titanium Exhaust

June 22, 2010 Comments off

Powerhouse Amuse Japan has developed a special exhaust using GT-RR’s collaborative specifications for worldwide market sales. The new exhaust is known as the “R1000 GT-RR SPL STTI” and is produced by Amuse in Japan using their proprietary STTI (super tough titanium/Ti) material. The exhaust which was developed in collaboration between GT-RR.COM and Amuse takes the successful design of Amuse’s prior R1 Titan Extra STTI model and increases the size from 80mm to 90mm to maximize power in higher boost GT-R applications. Additionally, after considering GT-RR’s research, adjustments to sound tuning were made and the result is a more prominent supercar appropriate tone.

The design utilizes Amuse’s highly effective twin horizontal resonators for sound control but does not use any other resonators on the piping. As a result of the new design, the R1000 GT-RR SPL STTI exhaust yielded surprising results during Amuse Japan’s dyno test. After repeated testing, the new special exhaust has produced 21 horsepower more than the previous Amuse exhaust system on the very same GT-R.

For more information on the fabrication and attention paid to detail, or to order the R1000 STTI exhaust, hit up the link below to go straight to the website

Link: Amuse R1000 GT-RR SPL STTI Exhaust @

SouthSide Performance’s Mammoth 102mm Exhaust for Nissan GT-R

March 12, 2010 Comments off

When a big exhaust just isn’t enough, when you need to make maximum possible horsepower, and when you need to do all that and wake up people in the tri-county area you might want to check out SSP’s new mammoth 102mm exhaust.

Perfect for the track GT-R, this exhaust features 102mm diameter mandrel bent 304 grade stainless main section which branches into dual 76mm high flow mufflers on each side and finally into quad 127mm exhaust tips.

The guys use it on their record breaking drag GT-R so it’s certainly proven it can support the horsepower. It retails at $2,999.

Link: SouthSide Performance

Agency Power Electric Valve Controlled Exhaust System for Nissan GT-R

March 5, 2010 Comments off

Agency Power set out with a goal to design and build an exhaust that would be suitable for almost every GT-R owner. Sounds quite ambitious and it would be if they didn’t have a trick up their sleeve. This exhaust is really two exhausts in one with an electronically controlled valve to switch between the two. The valve controls the exhaust flow and can vary it to direct through rear mufflers or straight out the quad matte black tips.

This feat is doubly impressive when you consider it usually only features in the top end exhausts commanding big dollars but the Agency Power system crafted from 304 stainless will only set you back $4,000. Check out what it sounds like in the video below…

While we’re on the topic of Agency Power exhausts though, you might also want to checkout their range of catted and non-catted downpipes for the GT-R. These stainless items are 3″ in diameter and show decent gains on the dyno.

More information can be found by browsing the Agency Power website below…

Link: Agency Power – Electronically Controlled Exhaust
Link: Agency Power – Agency Power Catted Downpipes
Link: Agency Power – Agency Power Non-catted Downpipes