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JDC Carbon Rear Diffuser for Nissan GT-R

September 3, 2009 Comments off


Just what you need to see, more jaw droppingly good looking carbon fibre parts for your Nissan GT-R. This rear diffuser from JDC suits those who are looking to increase rear downforce and at the same time look damn good doing it.

Made and designed in the US from carbon fibre it also manages to incorporate cooling ducts for the rear diff.

Just a few sets from the initial production run are available so you better get in quick. Priced at $2,300, you can get in touch with Vildini Motorsport for more information.

Source: Alex @ Vildini Motorsport
Link: Blog

STILLEN and AP Racing: More Carbon-Ceramic Brake Details for Nissan GT-R

August 22, 2009 Comments off


As the Targa Newfoundland rapidly approaches, STILLEN are wrapping up their own first tests of the AP Racing Carbon Ceramic Matrix (CCM) brake kit for the R35 GT-R. While STILLEN FedEx their car across country for the race they also posted a bit more on their website regarding the upcoming product release.

The STILLEN-AP Racing CCM brake upgrade kit will consist of the following:

  • Front & Rear CCM brake disc/hat assemblies
  • Front & Rear CCM-specific street & light track use brake pads
  • Caliper spacers
  • Active brake cooling package

There’s also a couple of new photos of the brakes, closeup and fitted to the STILLEN Targa GT-R (below). While there’s no pricing just yet, you can give STILLEN a call to reserve your place in line to find out as soon as it’s set. For now, check out the STILLEN site for updates regularly.

Link: STILLEN-AP Racing Carbon-Ceramic Matrix (CCM) Brake Kit


Mine’s Parts Range Grows: Rear Underspoiler and Intercooler Piping Kit

August 8, 2009 Comments off


Three new parts from Mine’s hit my news feed today. First up is their intercooler piping kit. Built by hand in titanium and finished with typical Mine’s attention to detail. This kit replaces your OEM piping kit and ships with all the required hose joiners (in silicon) and fresh clamps.

The second and third parts really go together. The Mine’s Rear Underspoiler with Carbon Diffuser Fins. The rear underspoiler is a subtle dry carbon upgrade but integrates well with their diffuser fins.

No doubt these parts will not come cheap but Mine’s customers will not be shocked to learn that.

Link: Mine’s Website
Source: Corner Balance


MCR Update Carbon Aero Parts Lineup

July 29, 2009 Comments off


After a short hiatus in the parts release department, MCR have updates in the aero range that should be available for GT-R owners now or in the very near future. We got our first look at the MCR Carbon Front Lip prototype about 12 whole months ago now. To match it, MCR have finished a set of subtle carbon sideskirts and a new design rear underspoiler as well.

The rear underspoiler is quite unique, it takes a leaf out of the new Nissan Z34’s book with an integrated tail lamp in the center. It even looks like the OE tail lamp fitted back there. Interesting indeed.

MCR have also been busy updating their website of late, so if you’re in the mood to checkout their whole range in one place, head over to the link below.

If you’re more interested in getting your hands on these, hit up who’ll be getting the first ones in shortly.

Link: MCR’s New Carbon Aero Parts @
Link: MCR’s Website – Updated

C-West Release Carbon Lineup for Nissan GT-R

July 22, 2009 Comments off


Japanese aero legends C-West have been teasing us with promises of their new aero kit since December last year and finally the wait to see what they’ve been busy creating is over.

Tastefully modeled in these photos on a Brilliant White Nissan GT-R SpecV, the C-West GT-R Aero lineup consists of a front half spoiler, side skirts and rear under finishers. A trunk lid and original design rear spoiler is currently under development.

Each of these new items is available in three constructions, a fibreglass reinforced plastic version (FRP) a polyfibre reinforced plastic (PFRP) and finally, a carbon fibre version.

Part FRP Price PFRP Price Carbon Price
Front Half Spoiler 45,150 yen 49,350 yen 90,300 yen
Side Skirts 63,000 yen 67,200 yen 126,000 yen
Rear Under Finishers 27,300 yen 31,500 yen 47,250 yen

Interesting look although it’s getting tougher to compete in the GT-R front-lip marketspace these days with so many quality contenders entering their parts.

What do you guys think of the C-West design? Too little too late?

Source: GTR-World: C-West Release Carbon Fibre GT-R Aero (Japanese)
Link: C-West Website

STILLEN Peek AP Racing’s Upcoming Carbon Brake Upgrade for Nissan GT-R

July 14, 2009 Comments off


Rumors and gossip about the AP Racing carbon ceramic brake rotor upgrades being developed for the Nissan GT-R have been fueled again today with confirmation that they’re almost here by way of a sneak peek on the STILLEN blog.

These babies will see action in Newfoundland on Steve Millens GT-R targa car. Should stop nicely!

Thanks for the link Josh!

Link: STILLEN Sneak Peek

Schmieden Front Lip Spoiler for Nissan GT-R

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You may not have heard much about Schmieden before and that’s not really surprising. In the past this German-by-name Japanese based firm has been all about forged wheel and aero manufacturing for Deutschland’s finest exports.

Like other Euro tuners in Japan however, they could not resist the temptation to tweak what is clearly the best car to come out of Japan of all time and stamp their mark on the GT-R tuning scene.

Which is what they’ve done with this attractive 3-piece from lip spoiler released this week. The first piece is the center section which is then added to by two canard components. The canards themselves are available in either GFK (glass reinforced plastic) or carbon fibre.

Cost wise, you’re looking at 183,750 yen for the carbon version and 152,250 yen for the GFK version in Japan.

Link: Hashimoto Corp Schmieden Product Website

Mine’s Carbon Fibre Range for Nissan GT-R Extended

July 11, 2009 Comments off


Mine’s debuted their first version Nissan GT-R trunk and hood at Tokyo AutoSalon in January 2009 as part of the special Mines Spec-X 6.0 prototype, but since then further work has been done on both to produce these final products.

First up is the new Mine’s Carbon Bonnet – this OEM style hood has a few unique features. for one, it’s extremely light at just 5.2 kilograms. This is about a 57% saving over the standard item which was already quite lightweight. In making it light, Mine’s chose not to sacrifice rigidity and on the underside it is reinforced similar to the OE version. Secondly, the intake ducts have been redesigned and as you can see these original design intake ducts are much more integrated into the hood over the standard versions.

This hood is available with (651,000 yen) or without (577,500 yen) Mine’s Super Clear Coat protection at your local Mine’s dealers.


Next up is the new Mine’s Carbon Trunk Type I and Type II. You probably may think you’ve seen this before and that may be the case with the OE replacement Type I trunk lid. Take a closer look at the Type-II lid and you can see how Mine’s have integrated the lower spoiler mounts.

This results in cleaner airflow under the rear spoiler and subsequently lower drag and higher downforce at the rear. Best used with the Mine’s Complete Rear Spoiler which also deletes the center pillar.

The trunk lids are also exceptionally lightweight, saving 68% (4.5kg reduction) for Type I and 62% (4.1kg reduction) on the Type-II item. Price wise you’re looking at 399,000/462,000 yen for the Type-I with/without Super Clear Coat respectively. The Type-II is a little more at 451,500/514,500 yen with/without the Super Clear Coat.

Sweet, sweet carbon – you know you need these.

STILLEN Targa Newfoundland Nissan GT-R Gets New Paint

July 7, 2009 Comments off


Time is flying by in the countdown until Steve Millen contends the Targa Newfoundland 2009 in mid September. STILLEN have been busy innovating new durable racing components for the GT-R while at the same time preparing their own race car for the event.

In a STILLEN blog update they’ve showed us a bunch of paint prep and paint booth photos showing the process of taking their Vibrant Red GT-R to bright orange which matches Steve’s previous Targa weapon, the orange Ford GT.

Also painted and fitted up are carbon panels from Password:JDM including a dry carbon hood and dry carbon trunk. Looks good guys, cant wait to see it assembled.

Link: Full story and more photos over on STILLEN Blog

GT-RR Launch Carbon Dry Japan Parts for Nissan GT-R

May 21, 2009 Comments off


GT-RR has teamed up with Japanese carbon parts manufacturer Carbon Dry Japan to launch their extensive range of Nissan GT-R parts globally. Carbon Dry Japan is already known for producing parts for other tuners such as Esprit for whom they manufacture Esprit Dry Carbon GT Wing 262 and front grilles. Having just been launched in Japan, GT-RR has already setup a partnership with the company to distribute globally and so, available now, is the full range of parts from aero to interior including:

Aero Parts

  • Dry Carbon Aero Hood
  • Dry Carbon Rear Wing
  • Dry Carbon Side Skirts
  • Dry Carbon Front Canards
  • Dry Carbon Rear Underspoiler w/optional F1 LED Tail light
  • Dry Carbon Rear Overfenders
  • Dry Carbon Front Lip Spoiler

Moving on to the interior we have:

  • Dry Carbon Console Surround
  • Dry Carbon Aircon Outlet Surrounds
  • Dry Carbon Shifter Center Surround
  • Dry Carbon Cup Holders

The quality of Carbon Dry parts has to be seen in person to fully appreciate. I checked out the Esprit parts recently and was impressed with what I saw. I think for the price you’d have pay for these items that’s something you might want to do before you make the jump.

For full photos of everything listed up there and pricing, hit up the link to the Carbon Dry Japan category over at GT-RR.

Link: Carbon Dry Japan parts on