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NAGTROC Meetup: Toronto GT-Rs Come Out of Hibernation

April 25, 2010 Comments off

It’s Spring time in Canada, and the Greater Toronto Area members of NAGTROC decided this past Saturday was the perfect weather to get together for the first time in 2010.

While some GT-Rs do spend the winter season on the street, most do get to see storage for a couple months, so it was a surprise that the Canadian section of NAGTROC had its best member showing ever. Having converged to one of downtown Toronto’s best bar and terrace area next to lake Ontario, the GT-Rs were stacked on Esplanade street while the owners met up at the city’s Bier Markt for a cold drink on a beautiful sunny weekend.

Having all met and freshened up, the group convoyed with photographers in tow to nearby Polson pier at the Docks in Toronto’s port. The owners spent a couple hours gathering around the cars, discussing visual mods, equipments and comparing upgrade stories. For the first time, and captured in a magnificent panoramic picture were all of the GT-Rs original launch year colours on hand, the very rare (in Canada) Ivory White and the now positively collectible Titanium representing!

As usual with a car meet, there was the conversation on the car’s ability to pull the good ole donut. With MF92 showing his 270 degree prowess and NickTo doing his signature Pretzel move!

Soon afterward some of the owner retired to a nearby watering hole for more fun and conversation over pub food.

Everyone had a great time and group agreed to meet again soon this summer with the hopes to beat its attendance record. A big thanks to the photographers on hand. Look for their work to show up on NAGTROC’s Canadian section here.

Thanks to NickTO @ NAGTROC for this guestblog for