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Willall Racing WR35WS Brake Cooling System for Nissan GT-R

December 13, 2009 Comments off


There’s many takes on effective methods of brake cooling. You can choose different vented rotors, build large air ducting systems, and now, you can watercool with Willall Racing’s WR35WS system.

It’s not a new invention but it is new to GT-R owners, the system injects water into the center of the rotor and offers many benefits such as, cooler brakes which leads to better braking performance for a longer period of time, prolonged pad life, and prolonged rotor life with fewer cracks developing.

The system consists of a central computer controller, hoses, fittings and brackets to mount enough gear to cool the front two rotors.

While some may see the direct injection of water onto the rotors as a controversial subject, top tier racing teams have been using the same type of technology with great results for many years now. Willall Racing have also conducted their own testing on their R35 system and found the improvement to be dramatic.

Link: Willall Racing Website