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Widebody GT-Rs Part I: Axell Auto

April 1, 2011 Comments off

Tokyo Auto Salon saw the debut of what many consider the most radical aero parts for the GT-R ever in Axell Auto’s full widebody kit.

We can let the pictures do the talking…

Prior to their GT-R kit, Axell Auto had been primarily known for their modifications to Japanese luxury vehicles like SUVs and vans, but their GT-R kit is Axell trying their hand in the sports car realm.  Axell’s fascination with the R35 started after the President of Axell purchased his GT-R and began modifying it with off-the-shelf parts.

The kit takes some styling cues from Tommykaira and features wide front and rear fenders, completely new front and rear bumper designs with a carbon fiber rear diffuser, rear wing and side skirts with functional brake ducting.

While pricing hasn’t been released, you can visit Axell’s website for pictures, video and more information.
Link: Axell Auto’s Website

In addition, Axell has enlisted GT-RR to be the first international distributor for the kit.
Axell Auto on

This post will be the first in a series  regarding the recent widebody options that have been released for the R35.  Look out for more in the coming week!

Tommy Kaira GT-R Aero Now Available Globally

March 4, 2010 Comments off


You probably remember that Tommy Kaira debuted one of the most impressive R35 complete cars ever recently at the Tokyo AutoSalon 2010. We got to check it out in the flesh and speak with Hiei Takayoshi-san, President of Tommy Kaira and found that the kit really was all it was cracked up to be and more. In person the parts easily lived up to the good reputation for quality Tommy Kaira has worked hard for all these years.

The good news is that now the whole world can enjoy these parts as the lineup has now gone on sale at a handful of select premium dealerships. Owners in the US and Middle East will be able to deal direct and exclusively with GTRBlog partners for the kit.

Hit up their site for all the local pricing and more information, link is below. I’ll leave you with their press release and one of my favorite photos from TAS2010…

Link: Tommy Kaira Lineup @

GT-RR is proud to announce that Tommy Kaira has selected us as their exclusive distributor for North America and the Middle East.

Tommy Kaira last month debuted one of the most widely anticipated complete aerodynamic conversion kits for the GT-R. The car’s debut at Tokyo Auto Salon was regarded as a major success as reported by our friends at and all over the internet as well.

This hot new kit is fully produced in Japan and is now finally available for purchase internationally!

Although we are exclusive for North America and the Middle East, we are also able to supply to all international regions except for Hong Kong (GP Motor) and Singapore (MB Motors).

We have worked closely with Tommy Kaira to ensure the most competitive possible pricing for these new products. All of our prices include all ends of the importation expenses which are often charged after the fact to unsuspecting buyers. In our pricing, all prices are “landed” (as always for us). Landed price means that they include: domestic freight in Japan, customs clearance fees, ocean freight to our US warehouse, customs clearance US side, import duties and taxes and final transportation to our warehouse in Los Angeles. The only additional expense is shipping from our warehouse to our clients.

The complete aero kit is of course available, but also we have offered everyone the possibility to buy any individual parts regardless of however big or small. This allows infinite customization possibilities.

Tommy Kaira’s aero parts are all very high quality and produced by their aero parts factory, whereas they have employed outside specialists for other items such as:

  • Brakes by Endless (a special Tommy Kaira version of the Racing Endless Mono-6 kit)
  • Exhaust by the same factory who produces for Amuse
  • Suspension by Quantum (a F1 parts supplier)
  • And small dry carbon protect parts by Carbon Dry Japan

As always we also offer international price matching to ensure that we are not only the safest and most reliable source, but also the best priced source for everyone worldwide.

We welcome your inquires and look forward to assisting Tommy Kaira to distribute these great new products.

The GT-RR and Bulletproof AutomotiveTeam

HKS Kansai Front Lip Spoiler for Nissan GT-R

March 3, 2010 Comments off

Designed to improve the front stability and downforce, this new front lip spoiler from HKS Kansai is also pretty good looking in carbon fibre. It’s manufactured in wet carbon so it wont hit you too hard in the hip pocket either.

It’s available now from HKS Kansai distributors for about 81,000 yen in Japan.

Link: HKS Kansai Website

Varis Runduce Price Carbon Aero Parts for Nissan GT-R

January 29, 2010 Comments off

It’s not their widebody masterpiece (yet) but it’s the first stage of carbon fibre upgrades for the Nissan GT-R to come out of Japanese legend Varis. Renowned for their amazing Evo and STi work in the past we’re hoping their final stage of GT-R modifications “fills the shoes” so to speak.

Anyways, pricing is now out for both Japan and US regions thanks to Varis and GT-RR as well as the official product shots. Their kit will be available in Varis Semi Dry Carbon (VSDC) versions as well as wet carbon with separate pricing for each.

The VSDC option allows Varis to produce some very lightweight rigid parts without the full extra cost of a traditional dry carbon production.

The Varis Front Diffuser for example weighs in at 4.5kg versus the 6.5kg standard OEM front underspoiler – more than 30% weight savings. It’s priced at about $2740 USD but probably a little less for the wet carbon version.

Next take a look at the Varis Aero Hood, featuring some unique venting it also looks to be well constructed from underneath. The VSDC version goes for around the $4620 mark but the wet carbon version is just $2845. There’s a weight reduction to just 8.5kg in the VSDC version of the hood.

The rear diffuser round back is again quite an original look, personally I think it needs time to grow on me but if its your cup of tea you can pick one up for $1250 in wet carbon. There is currently no VSDC version of this item.

The sideskirts were quite a hit for me, they really work well with the lines of the car but stand out at the same time. They’re also pretty cheap at just $1250 a set in Varis Semi Dry Carbon. Again you can knock off a bit of that price for the normal wet carbon version if you wanted.

Lastly we have the Varis Rear Wing and Trunk Spoiler available in full VSDC or in VSDC with a FRP trunk spoiler. It’s again an original looking wing that will certainly set your car apart from all the others. I’m not feeling the trunk spoiler but the wing itself looks great. The price is $3350 for the VSDC version or $2750 for the VSDC FRP combo.

For more information and to order, hit up the GT-RR website in the link below!

Link: Varis Runduce Carbon Online @ GT-RR
Link: Varis Carbon Aero for R35 Website (Japanese)
Link: Varis x Runduce GT-R at Tokyo AutoSalon 2010

TommyKaira R35 GT-R: Final Images and Pricing Revealed

January 12, 2010 Comments off

TommyKaira have put the finishing touches on their Tommy Kaira R35 GT-R project just in time for the opening of Tokyo AutoSalon this week. The complete car project looks to have been quite a mammoth undertaking but they’ve pulled it off with days to spare. The final product looks great in these photos but the real test will be to see it in the flesh on Friday this week at the show. The wheels you see it pictured here with are AVS Model F15 in Platinum black, sizes 20×9.5 +45 in the front and 20×10.5 +25 in the rear. They’re wrapped with Pirelli P-Zero 255/40R20 285/35R20 tires.

As for pricing, if you’re sitting down let’s begin. For the full kit, in “Wet Carbon”, including tax, look to spend 1,680,000 yen in Japan. It includes the following gear:

  • Wet Carbon/FRP Front Bumper
  • Wet Carbon Front Grill Cover
  • Wet Carbon Front Lip Spoiler
  • Wet Carbon Front Under Diffuser
  • Wet Carbon Side Ducts
  • Wet Carbon/FRP Side Skits
  • Wet Carbon Rear Underspoiler
  • Wet Carbon Rear Racing Diffuser
  • Wet Carbon Rear Wing
  • Wet Carbon Rear Fender Extensions (20mm extension)

On top of this you can choose the following options at extra cost:

  • Dry Carbon Front fender finishers 67,200 yen
  • Dry Carbon Front Fender Ducts 61,950 yen
  • Dry Carbon Door Handles 47,250 yen

If the full kit is too rich for you, then you’re not completely out of luck. TommyKaira are selling a sub-kit known as the Front Style Kit. This retails at the 630,000 yen mark and includes the following:

  • Wet Carbon/FRP Front Bumper
  • Wet Carbon Front Grill Cover
  • Wet Carbon Front Lip Spoiler
  • Wet Carbon Front Under Diffuser
  • Wet Carbon Side Ducts

Dry carbon versions of many of these parts are on their way soon but are not priced as yet. There’s is also a complete red leather interior package on it’s way. You can sneak a peak in these photos but we’ll have more for you soon. It’s also not priced just yet.

To go along with the exterior body components, TommyKaira have also developed a range of tuning parts like an exhaust system, brake kit and suspension kit. These are priced as follows:

  • High Performance Exhaust, Titanium (STTI): 348,600 yen
  • Endless MONO6 & 6R Caliper Kit with 390mm rotors: 1,837,000 yen
  • Quantum Super Sports Suspension Kit: 630,000 yen

So, like we said, looking good but check back Friday for a more in-depth look at the new TommyKaira R35 GT-R.

Link: TommyKaira Website

SEMA 2009: The White Black Bison – WALD Nissan GT-R

November 14, 2009 Comments off


The WALD Nissan GT-R is one of those cars you either love or hate. It’s grown on me a lot since the first debut in January this year. A full Black Bison fitted white R35 was camped out in the south hall so we grabbed a few photos of it.

For more info you can check out our WALD category for past posts including pricing and so on.

Images: Copyright (C)


C-West Add Dry Carbon Trunk and Wing to their Aero Parts Catalogue

September 11, 2009 Comments off


Following on from their initial release of carbon fibre aero parts for the Nissan GT-R, C-West have added this sturdy looking rear wing and carbon fibre trunk hood to their range.

The trunk hood is made from dry carbon composite (DCC) which features an internal honeycomb construction for added strength. At the same time it’s extremely lightweight at just 2.9kgs. The trunk hood can be yours at around the 399,000 yen mark. Update: US Pricing is just in from -US GT-R owners can expect to pay around the $3,800 mark for this one.

The rear wing is still classified as in development but we can tell you it also will be manufactured in dry carbon composite material for it’s low weight and high material strength. It may not look pretty but a strong rear wing in this design should be quite functional in terms of adding rear downforce.

Link: C-West Website – Trunk Hood
Link: C-West Rear Wing

TommyKaira Nissan GT-R Aero Development Update

August 18, 2009 Comments off


TommyKaira made it known recently that their eye was firmly on the Nissan GT-R to add to their lineup of complete cars and over the past month or so development has been underway over at TommyKaira HQ about 2hrs outside Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

So far they have a guinea pig and have been shaping up the initial clay models to build the prototype molds from. Traditionally TommyKaira aero modifications have been a tweak in the direction of aggressive without going too far, so their work on the GT-R up to now is looking to be quite bold in contrast.


The front end will consist of a original front bumper available in FRP or carbon fibre, the choice being yours. The front lip will be a seperate piece and will be available in either wet or dry carbon fibre.


On the side, original sideskirts will be integrated with a rear overfender. The overfender is designed to give another 20mm of wheel offset available in the rear. Out back is a fully redesigned rear underspoiler, oversized rear wing and a small trunk lip spoiler to finish it off.

Overall I’m reminded vividly of the WALD Sportsline Black Bison Edition Nissan GT-R aero kit that we followed the development of since September in 2008. The use of an aggressive front bumper and a bolt on overfender is giving me deja vu. TommyKaira also do interior components for their complete cars so my guess is we’ll start to see those prototypes soon also.

Link: TommmyKaira Official Website

C-West Release Carbon Lineup for Nissan GT-R

July 22, 2009 Comments off


Japanese aero legends C-West have been teasing us with promises of their new aero kit since December last year and finally the wait to see what they’ve been busy creating is over.

Tastefully modeled in these photos on a Brilliant White Nissan GT-R SpecV, the C-West GT-R Aero lineup consists of a front half spoiler, side skirts and rear under finishers. A trunk lid and original design rear spoiler is currently under development.

Each of these new items is available in three constructions, a fibreglass reinforced plastic version (FRP) a polyfibre reinforced plastic (PFRP) and finally, a carbon fibre version.

Part FRP Price PFRP Price Carbon Price
Front Half Spoiler 45,150 yen 49,350 yen 90,300 yen
Side Skirts 63,000 yen 67,200 yen 126,000 yen
Rear Under Finishers 27,300 yen 31,500 yen 47,250 yen

Interesting look although it’s getting tougher to compete in the GT-R front-lip marketspace these days with so many quality contenders entering their parts.

What do you guys think of the C-West design? Too little too late?

Source: GTR-World: C-West Release Carbon Fibre GT-R Aero (Japanese)
Link: C-West Website

STILLEN Release Front Lip Spoiler and Side Skirts for Nissan GT-R

March 17, 2009 Comments off

Stillen Front Urethane Lip for Nissan GT-R

Having one of the best known names in the US car culture brings with it big expectations and today we’re happy to announce that STILLEN have not dissapointed.

Some of the first Nissan GT-R parts we’re able to let you guys know about are now released in the form of a front lip spoiler and side skirts. The team at STILLEN have gone to great lengths to get not just the look of these parts right but also the function and the materials they’re made from.

Using 100% polyurethane these body parts are flexible and durable and can take almost any punishment a race track – or driveway – can dish out.

The front lip extends the front spoiler two inches to increase downforce at the front and give a canard effect off the flared sides. The sideskirts also have a ledge extending out 2 inches which has been proven to improve downforce in circuit racing and in wind tunnel testing.

Loads more details in the official press release details you can read after the jump, or just enjoy the photo gallery and installation video provided by STILLEN below.

Stay tuned for more parts coming soon from STILLEN.

Link: STILLEN Nissan GT-R Body Components

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