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Forged Performance’s First Set of Arias FP Spec Pistons for Nissan GT-R

December 29, 2009 Comments off

Forged Performance have been seeing great results using Arias FP Spec pistons in their VQ motor builds for years now so they decided to spec out and order a set up for a VR38DETT build they’re carrying out for a customer.

These are made from Zero Silicon Aluminum for maximum strength and feature tool steel offset wrist pins, and a pressure seal groove. They’re moly coated for lower friction and are capable of supporting a 1000hp build. The specs are 95.5mm, standard bore and built for a 9.0:1 comp ration.

Forged have these in stock in 95.5m so if these sound like something that might interest you, hit up the guys at Forged Performance to have a chat to see how they can help you…

Link: Forged Performance Website