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Agency Power Electric Valve Controlled Exhaust System for Nissan GT-R

March 5, 2010 Comments off

Agency Power set out with a goal to design and build an exhaust that would be suitable for almost every GT-R owner. Sounds quite ambitious and it would be if they didn’t have a trick up their sleeve. This exhaust is really two exhausts in one with an electronically controlled valve to switch between the two. The valve controls the exhaust flow and can vary it to direct through rear mufflers or straight out the quad matte black tips.

This feat is doubly impressive when you consider it usually only features in the top end exhausts commanding big dollars but the Agency Power system crafted from 304 stainless will only set you back $4,000. Check out what it sounds like in the video below…

While we’re on the topic of Agency Power exhausts though, you might also want to checkout their range of catted and non-catted downpipes for the GT-R. These stainless items are 3″ in diameter and show decent gains on the dyno.

More information can be found by browsing the Agency Power website below…

Link: Agency Power – Electronically Controlled Exhaust
Link: Agency Power – Agency Power Catted Downpipes
Link: Agency Power – Agency Power Non-catted Downpipes