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SuperGT 2010: Video Highlights and HSV-10 Drama from Suzuka 300

March 22, 2010 Comments off

Well we know the GT-R dominates but these videos go some way to explain why the HSV-10 wasn’t so competitive on the weekend. It never helps to have three of your brand new race cars out on lap 10 in an absolutely insane crash at turn one.

Fortunately it looks like everyone was able to walk away, sore looking but ok.

This wasn’t the only drama of the day and you can watch the highlights of the entire race in the video below including a four car incident in the GT300 class as the rain began to sprinkle down.

That’s followed almost immediately with the race leader and pole position starter Weider HSV-10 that goes off the slippery track losing a lot of positions in the process.

Only a few turns later and the eventual race winner HIS ADVAN GT-R also overruns a turn coming onto the straight.

All this is only by lap TWO by the way. You’ll have to watch the whole thing for the rest of the nail biting suspense. Too bad I already spoiled the ending for you.

Video of the highlights is below…