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Forged Performance Guide to Nissan GT-R Boost Control

April 27, 2009 Comments off


Sharif from Forged Performance has taken time out to post up an “Everything You Wanted to Know…” thread over on NAGTROC regarding boost control on the Nissan GT-R. A great idea I though as one of the first things many a new owner thinks about is more power right… Therein is one of the beauties of forced induction.

The GT-R is no pussy cat to begin with but a tweak of the boost courtesy of a ECU tune, boost controller or actuator upgrade can open your eyes to a new level of power, even on the standard turbos.

If more-boost-done-properly is something you’re chasing for your GT-R you should check out this thread and if you have any questions ask away. Sharif and Forged Performance are recognized as being well ahead of the curve in terms of tuning the GT-R and have most likely come across your situation in the past.

Link: NAGTROC: Forged Actuators – Everything you wanted to know about them…
Link: Forged Performance

AAM Competition Parts Lineup for Nissan GT-R: Part 2

April 20, 2009 Comments off


More parts from Altered Atmosphere to show you guys today. Launched in late March I feel these need a bit more attention than we’ve given them so far. First up are the AAM High Pressure Wastegate Actuators, perfect for running more boost than the OE wastegate actuators can properly handle. To fully utilize the standard turbos these are a must. These are also adjustable via an adjusting arm and retail at the $595 mark.

Next AAM have a Intercooler Hard Pipe and BOV Kit. Manufactured in high quality polished aluminium, these intake pipes increase piping diameter, smooth air flow and look good doing it. Included is the twin HKS SSQV recirculating BOV kit. All included the price is $2,195.

Lastly we have the AAM Competition Oil Cooler Kit with Fan. This upgraded engine oil cooler provides superior performance to the standard item via an increase in core size. There’s the puller fan as well to provide a constant air flow through the cooler. All fittings and adapters include, this sells for $1,495.

Link: AAM Online Store