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AAM Competition Release R-Maf Upgraded Airflow Sensors for Nissan GT-R

February 11, 2011 Comments off

AAM R-MAF for Nissan GT-R

Anyone who’s ever tuned their turbocharged cars and relied on the stock airflow sensors knows that most OEM’s supply MAFs purpose built for the power the car delivers in stock form. Deviate too much from this and you’ll very quickly run out of resolution making tuning problematic.

On the GT-R the problem is worsened by the protective ECU which can throw codes to further complicate matters.

AAM Competition know this problem well and have come up with a solid and permanent solution for those GT-R owners making significantly more power than standard.

AAM’s product description says it best:

AAM Competition, LLC’s new R-MAF Meter is a welcome and important addition to any GT-R making over 550hp with factory air boxes, 625hp with 2 ¾” intakes, or 700hp with 3” intakes (500awhp, 575awhp, and 630-650awhp respectively). A direct bolt-in upgrade with no splicing of any wiring required and a factory functioning air temperature sensor, the R-MAF Meter is engineered to provide stock like idling and low-throttle drivability while doubling the range of the factory MAF sensors. The R- MAF’s extended range allow them to be used with engines with as much as 1,500hp with upgraded tubes.

  • Benefits of the AAM Competition R-MAF Meter: Performance, accuracy and quality
  • Direct replacement to the original MAF sensor & wiring harness (no cutting or splicing, drops and plugs right in)
  • Approximately 2 times more range that the factory sensor
  • Extended range allows it to be used with engines capable of making as much as 1,500 horsepower
  • Calibrated so that their range slightly exceeds that of the intake in which it is installed, so the sensor cannot “peg” yet still has excellent resolution
  • Factory like low-load characteristics, which keep the GT-R’s computer happy, allows the transmission to shift properly, and eliminates limp modes
  • Cures the P0700 Code issue frequently experienced on high power GT-R’s
  • Can be used in almost any intake system configuration (including blow through intake systems)
  • Comes with R-MAF calibration files (including fuel multiplier/tuning recommendations for different power levels)
  • Every sensor is repeatable within OEM specs

The sensors retail at the $429 each mark but if you head over to their website now you can see their currently discounted quite a bit.

Their available for shipping right now but get in quick…

Link: AAM Competition Website

AAM R-MAF Dyno Chart

AAM Now Stocking Ferrea Valves for Nissan GT-R

December 30, 2009 Comments off

With all the big horsepower GT-Rs in the works it’s good to know someone is thinking about upgrades in head of these beastly VR38s. AAM have sourced these heavy duty intake and exhaust valves from Ferrea.

On the exhaust side, they’re built from Ferrea’s Nimonic90 Super Alloy which should be able to handle the heat even in the most extreme VR38 builds.

Intake wise, AAM selected the Ferrea Competition Plus Alloy valves as a solid upgrade over the standard items.

If you’re looking at a huge build, it might be something to think about and give Clint a call at AAM

Link: AAM Website

AAM Competition GT800-R Turbo Upgrades for Nissan GT-R – The Results

September 26, 2009 Comments off


I think you’ll remember back to when AAM launched these GT800-R turbo upgrades and may have been wondering how they worked out. AAM have completed not one but two customer cars by now and have gained quite a few more datapoints to back up their original test data.

You can check out the full build details over on the NAGTROC thread but the basic rundown is, with the AAM GT800-R turbo upgrades including supporting modifications the guys have made 708awhp and 623 lb/ft of torque on 100 octane gas. One point to note is that this beast maintains street legal status by way of a set of AAM high flow cats. You can watch this car on the dyno in the video below.

To back it up however, the guys complete a second turbo upgrade with a focus on being able to use pump gas. The results are suprisingly similar making 675awhp but a huge 651 lb/ft of torque. More torque than the car on 100 octane all from ordinary 93 octane gas.

Whats next for AAM? Well they’re currently tearing down a perfectly good VR38 engine to rebuild with stronger internals. We’ll be following this very closely as it will be one of the first and, at least so far, the best documented VR38 build to date.

Hit up the AAM website linked below if you’re looking for some more information and pricing on these upgrades.

Thanks Clint@AAM for compiling all the info and for the GT-R community input in general.

Link: AAM Competition Website
Link: AAM Threads on NAGTROCGT-R Turbos 1GT-R Turbos 2VR38 Teardown

AAM GT800-R Turbo Upgrades Arrive With Test Data

July 23, 2009 Comments off


After just completing the engineering and testing phase of the new AAM 800hp turbo upgrades for the Nissan GT-R the guys have announced they made 659 hp at the wheels on just 19psi of boost on pump gas! Youch that’s a lot of power. What’s more is that the guys had only just begun to scratch the surface of the potential here and are expecting 700awhp by the time they’re done.

Fitted to the first AAM 800hp Turbo Upgrade Nissan GT-R was the following supporting modifications:

Note that AAM actually opted to go for high-flow catalytic converters instead of a straight through exhaust like many would. Interesting choice and it shows their cat’s design is solid for sure.

Next up from AAM is a competition intercooler setup as the stockers just aren’t cutting it at 700hp and I’m not surprised!

Check the dyno chart below and head over to NAGTROC to see the dyno run videos.

Link: AAM Website: GT-R Products
Link: NAGTROC Discussion thread and dyno videos

AAM Competition Parts Lineup for Nissan GT-R: Part 2

April 20, 2009 Comments off


More parts from Altered Atmosphere to show you guys today. Launched in late March I feel these need a bit more attention than we’ve given them so far. First up are the AAM High Pressure Wastegate Actuators, perfect for running more boost than the OE wastegate actuators can properly handle. To fully utilize the standard turbos these are a must. These are also adjustable via an adjusting arm and retail at the $595 mark.

Next AAM have a Intercooler Hard Pipe and BOV Kit. Manufactured in high quality polished aluminium, these intake pipes increase piping diameter, smooth air flow and look good doing it. Included is the twin HKS SSQV recirculating BOV kit. All included the price is $2,195.

Lastly we have the AAM Competition Oil Cooler Kit with Fan. This upgraded engine oil cooler provides superior performance to the standard item via an increase in core size. There’s the puller fan as well to provide a constant air flow through the cooler. All fittings and adapters include, this sells for $1,495.

Link: AAM Online Store

AAM Competition Parts Lineup for Nissan GT-R: Part 1 – Exhaust

April 7, 2009 Comments off


Altered Atmosphere (AAM) has recently unveiled quite a lineup of desirable high performance tuning products for the Nissan GT-R platform. First up lets take a look at their exhaust range.

We have a pair of T-304 grade stainless midpipes to choose from, both featuring a cat-less design. A resonated version which increases exhaust flow on the GT-R while saving weight but eliminates annoying cabin drone. There’s also a non-resonated design for those after lowest possible weight with the least exhaust flow restriction possible. The resonator fitted mid-pipe weighs in at just 17.6lbs, a 12.4lbs weight saving over the OE item and the non-resonator version is lighter again. Tested on the dyno, these midpipes are good for between 15 and 22hp at the wheels. They’re priced at $795 for resonated for $645 for non-resonated.

Next up is a pair of T-304 grade stainless turbine outlet/dump pipes for the GT-R. Featuring either catless or street legal high flow cat version. One of the first such designs we’ve seen on the market outside Japan, these high flow cat dump pipes are great for those wanting to boost performance while keeping emissions in check. These are priced at $1,495 but a catless version is also available for those looking for maximum performance without compromise which is just $995.

Sound clips of all AAM exhaust products are available online at their website linked below.

Link: AAM Online Store
Link: AAM Exhaust Soundclips Section