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2012 Nissan GT-R Leaks: Part II More Confirmed Details

August 29, 2010 Comments off

As mentioned in our previous Spec-M Exposé the 2012 Nissan GT-R is set to arrive on the scene shortly with so many changes that Nissan had to go out and revise the chassis designation bumping CBA-R35 in favor of the new DBA-R35 tag. While we touched on the cosmetic changes in part 1 of this post we didn’t delve into the more technical changes yet so here goes.

Aero Updates

Aero changes to the front bumper, rear diffuser and rear underspoiler mean that the 2012 GT-R slips through the air with even less drag than the already impressive 2009 model. As mentioned previously, these changes help it lower it’s co-efficient of drag as well as increase downforce in the rear by as much as 10%. The rear vents also assist in keeping rear underbody temperatures lower meaning less heat transfer from the GT-R’s hot exhaust into the critical areas like the GR6 transmission fluid and rear differential.

Nissan took the opportunity with the rear diffuser/underspoiler rear design to build in a rear Euro mandated fog light using an LED strip along the bottom edge in the center.

Chassis Updates

As well as aerodynamics, street and circuit handling in the 2012 GT-R is going to benefit greatly from some key chassis stiffening updates in the DBA-R35. Strengthening members are added to the front area under the dashboard (highlighted above). In the engine bay, new bracing members extend from the rear of the strut towers to the firewall.

As well as increasing chassis rigidity by adding new key metal – the GT-R engineering team has improved the manufacturing line to improve GT-R build quality and panel fit consitency for every car built.

Suspension Updates

Again showing that the Nissan GT-R engineering team is focussing on driver feel, they’ve gone to the extrordinary length of changing the suspension geometry on the DBA-R35 model. The changes to the front suspension lower arm move the stabiliser bar further out and change the shock absorber lever angle. To go with these changes up front is a castor angle change from 5°35 to 6°00. In the rear, Nissan has tuned the roll center.

All around, Nissan’s update to the suspension to adopt an aluminium free piston design as well as spring, damper and valve rate changes mean the suspension is able to more quickly adapt to changes in surface and direction. The net benefit is a more stable and more responsive feel with even more feedback to drivers than ever before.

Brakes, Wheels and Tires Updates

Nissan’s experience with racing over the past few years with the GT-R has taught them that more stopping power is always better. To that end they’ve upped the front rotor size on the DBA-R35 from 380mm of the CBA-R35 to 390mm.

As mentioned already, the DBA-R35 will debut with a new design Rays forged aluminium wheel each 3kg lighter than the outgoing type. These wheels will come in two new colors Hyper Blue Black and Hyper Titanium. The new Rays wheels feature improved knurling to help further with reducing tire slip on the rims themselves.

To fit these new wheels are updated versions of both summer tires already being fitted to the GT-R, namely the RE070R R2 from Bridgestone and the SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT from Dunlop. Both are touted to improve grip and increase sidewall stiffness, something very important in a heavy awd vehicle such as the GT-R.

Part III to come soon where we’ll cover the remainder of the DBA-R35 changes including interior and engine changes, so stay tuned…

Euro Nissan GT-R Sports Additional Updates for Next Year

November 11, 2009 Comments off


Nissan recently announced several key changes to the base Nissan GT-R for the Japanese market including tweaked suspension and upgraded rear diffuser.

Nissan Europe has also carried over the changes from the MY2010 JDM car into the European market GT-R with a few more items we hadn’t seen before such as:

  • Updated electronic braking distribution to provide better braking control in the dry
  • Updated torque distrTo reduce rear axle binding at low speeds and when fluids are cold, Nissan has modified the torque distribution between the front and rear axles
  • Updated TCM code for more aggressive downshifts between 4th – 3rd and 3rd – 2nd
  • ECM code updated to meet Euro 5 emissions standards
  • Double clear coat on bumpers
  • Gunmetal finish on guage surrounds
  • Rear seat area receives more insulation

Overall a couple of positive changes that will result in a more refined GT-R come next year. Sale date still to come and no word if pricing will remain the same yet.

Source: Leftlane News

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2011 Nissan GT-R: Base Model to Receive Updates, More Options

October 2, 2009 Comments off

2011 GT-R Testing at Nurburgring

The base model Nissan GT-R will receive further updates over and above the minor facelift we’ve seen in spyshots to date, say

The base model will receive the SpecV‘s rear diffuser which offers improved transaxle cooling which will be further bolstered by the side NACA ducting we’ve seen so far.

Suspension will receive some tweaks including stiffer front spring rates and stiffer rear torsion control arm bushes. Improving driver feedback and the sensation of being connected to the car is the end goal of these updates.

A feature many track going GT-R owners have been wondering about may also be on the cards with an update to the sat-nav package including a data logging function with USB key storage for ease of use and portability.

ECU / TCM changes are again likely for the 2011 model update with changes aimed more at driveability and emissions versus acceleration like we saw in the MY2010.

Overall, Mizuno-san’s commitment to evolving the GT-R over it’s lifespan seems to be strong. Can’t wait to see the final spec sheets at launch.


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2011 GT-R Spied Again at Nurburgring – SpecM? Doubt It

September 14, 2009 Comments off


Nurburgring stalker extraordinaire KGP Photography has snapped shots of the Nissan GT-R back at Nurburgring this week. The shots clearly show the same stuff we posted back in April 2009 when NAGTROC member Kislik spotted the same car at the ‘ring.

Whats changed since then? Well the rear diffuser seems to have gained a long row of red LED’s which are most likely an update to the European/Australian specification’s rear fog light. The rear spoiler is now black and is possibly revised. Can’t tell exactly in what way.

Most car ‘blogs today are reporting this car to be the 2011 SpecM GT-R but personally, I can’t see much evidence to support that it is anything more than the 2011 facelift GT-R. Anyone else spot something I don’t on this car?

Images: Edmunds Straightline
More Images/Link: Jalopnik Nissan GT-R Spy Photos

2011 Nissan GT-R Rendered by Japanese Mags – Series III Facelift

May 9, 2009 Comments off


Looks like we we’re pretty close to the mark when we spotted the rear end changes for the upcoming 2011 Nissan GT-R. According to Best Car Magazine in Japan the 2011 (2010 in Japan) model Nissan GT-R will feature a mild facelift as well as the front bumper incorporates a second winglet. The front bumper is also said to protrude further enhance the GT-R’s already commendable aero profile.

The engine and gearbox are unchanged and the power remains the same at 485ps. Brakes may receive some attention though the specifics are not known. One suggestion is that Akebono, the company responsible for the brakes on the 370z, will be called in to work on the 2011 GT-R’s brakes.

Expected to debut in Japan in January it’s not a finished product yet so we could see more changes before that time. We’re calling this next base model Nissan GT-R the Series III.

Source: Best Car Magazine via

Photo Gallery – 2011 Nissan GT-R Spy Shots – Nurburgring Testing:

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