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Switzer Tuned P700 Nissan GT-R

March 12, 2009

Switzer have been in the tuning game for quite a while now and in the past they’ve grown a following building quality packages for cars such as the Porsche 911 Turbo. One of their more wicked projects you might know about is the Sledghammer 1000 hp Porsche 997 that manages an easy looking 9.7 quarter mile ET on standard internals.

Since beginning work on the Nissan GT-R at the behest of a customer they’ve put together a neat package that manages to put down over 625 hp at the wheels on 93 octane pump gas. The kit, known as the P700 consists of upgraded turbochargers, larger front mounted twin intercoolers and electronics to tie it all together. Fully tuned it makes over 700 crank horsepower – 626 awhp and 583 lb/ft of awtq. What’s more is that it’s said to do that safely without putting components at risk.

Switzer is based out of Ohio and if you’re keen on getting into one of these P700 kits the price is set at $16,650 USD. Reach them via the website below. The entire press release can be read after the jump along with a few more photos.

Link: Switzer Performance Website

Switzer P700 GTR – Official Press Release Press Release: March 2009

Comparisons between Porsche’s turbocharged 997 and Nissan’s newest GTR have kept the automotive press pretty busy in recent months with the general consensus being that the GTR stacks up against Stuttgart’s performance icon pretty well, thank you very much. Now, however a year after the GTR’s debut the first tuner GTRs are starting to reach customers … which seems to beg the question: how do these tuned GTRs stack up against tuned Porsches?

Back in January, the thousand horsepower SLEDGEHAMMER 997 introduced the world to Tym Switzer and his Oberlin, Ohio-based tuning firm. With more than 15 years’ experience tuning high-performance cars from Europe and Japan, Switzer is uniquely qualified to answer that question. Compared to the Porsches, Nissan’s ‘Godzilla’ is a different animal altogether. As an all-weather, four-passenger supercar, the GTR seems like it could appeal to the same kind of audience as the 997, but the GTR is much more of a ‘digital’ type of experience. It’s really amazing how close these cars are, in terms of ultimate performance.

Switzer would know: for the last few months, Switzer has been carefully studying the GTR, developing a series of sensible, high-performance bolt-ons aimed at producing a streetable GTR performance package that didn’t force GTR owners to sacrifice reliability or drivability.

Called the P700, Switzer’s new package promises more than 700 bulletproof crank horsepower on 93 octane pump gas. I was always impressed with Nissan’s application of certain technologies. One thing I was not impressed with was the amount of ‘fluff’ parts I was seeing being distributed for the cars or the ‘banzai’ sort of crank-the-boost with 100+ octane racing fuel antics I was seeing in the aftermarket. I knew that it was important to take a look at what the car was reliably capable of, and what was really going on within the platform.

Switzer’s first step was extensive data-logging and analysis. We checked for pressure drops, temperature variations, everything. After replacing the stock turbos with application-specific custom units and our own unique MONSTER intercooler package, we slowly dialed up the boost, checking all the data again and again. Eventually, we ended up going beyond the limits of the standard ECU calibrations and hardware, so we built the necessary components and the data-gathering started again.

With more than 626 awhp and 583 lb-ft of awtq on tap, the Switzer P700 GTR is certainly set to deliver a driving experience that is many steps above Nissan’s standard Godzilla GTR, without putting unnecessary stress on the GTR’s driveline.

MSRP for Switzer’s P700 GTR performance package is 16650 USD. Contact your Switzer Performance dealer for more information and compatibility with your current aftermarket hardware.