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SuperLap 2008: GT-R Time Attack Photo Gallery

July 5, 2008

GTRBlog.com was in attendance at SuperLap 2008 today at Oran Park Raceway outside Sydney, Australia. Entered into the open class for the time attack was Russel Newman with his brand new Hi Octance Racing / CNJ Motorsport Nissan R35 GT-R. For the event he had fitted up a HKS VAC speed delimter but the car was mechanically standard and was wearing the standard JDM base model Dunlop summer tires.

Russel managed an awesome time of 1:17.1 in the GT-R and was looking consistent in the 1:17s on his hot laps. We will most likely have a complete rundown of the results by early next week. To put that in perspective the fastest cars on the day ran 1:12 – 1:13s and they were race prepped supercharged Lotus Elises weighing somewhere around half a GT-R.

Haltech was also in attendance with their Nissan R35 GT-R although they weren’t racing today it sounds like they might be gearing up to head back to the track shortly. More on that when it happens.

For now enjoy the photo gallery by clicking through the jump below…