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SuperGT: Round 4 Sepang Circuit Malaysia – Friday Practice Session

June 20, 2008

Friday practice session yielded some good results for the Nissan GT-R’s at Sepang Circuit in Malaysia. Sepang will be home to the Super GT 2008 GT500 drivers for this weekend as they practice and try to set good qualifying times in the hot weather. This is always an extremely tough event for drivers so some resort to unconventional measures. Below we see a liquid cooling suit being used by one of the drivers.

From today’s timed practice session Nissan GT-R’s turned two of the best 5 top times with NSX’s filling out the other three spots. Quite a lot of teams were suffering tire dramas in the humidity so hopefully that can be solved in Saturday’s practice sessions and worked out before Sunday’s race.

It’s said that Sepang favours the mid-engined cars so the NSX’s will surely put up a fight. Here’s the top five from today.

  1. ARTA #1 NSX – 1’57.958
  2. MOTUL AUTECH #22 GT-R – 1’58.171
  3. WOODONE ADVAN Clarion #24 GT-R – 1’58.315
  4. TAKATA #18 NSX – 158.333
  5. EPSON #32 NSX – 1’58.582

Check out the photo gallery after the jump for more great shots from today’s action at Sepang!

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