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SuperGT 2009: MOTUL Nismo GT-R Wins at SUGO for Round 5

July 26, 2009


SuperGT is back in Japan for round five for the 2009 championship season and the Nissan GT-R is proving again to be an unstoppable competitor after the #1 MOTUL Nismo GT-R finished in first place for Sunday’s race. The win comes after starting in 8th on the grid after a penalty incurred during qualifying for passing under yellow flag conditions.

The race started under fine skies and with the #3 Hasemi Tomica Ebbro GT-R on pole position. Early on in the race multiple GT-Rs were contending for the top positions but the rain had something to say about this around lap 25 of the 81 lap race. By lap 33 the rain had increased and teams were forced to pit for a tire change.

The #1 MOTUL Nismo GT-R exited the pit in good position and was able to continue to battle for the first two finishing places. Then, when the track began to dry around lap 60 they opened the taps and put the win beyond doubt.

This big weekend of racing has completely turned Nismo’s 2009 championship season around and moved them from 6th on the team rankings to 1st place by 5 points! Kondo racing, who were leading last round, are now bumped down to third in the team rankings with 50 points.

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