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SuperGT 2009 Edition Models from Ebbro Available Now

August 10, 2009


Well in case you didn’t know, the 2009 model SuperGT GT500 specification car differs quite a bit from the 2008 model car from the same series. Rule changes made for this season had the effect of limiting rear downforce by shortening the rear overhang maximum. Nismo completely redid the rear end aero, rear wing and front aero to compensate and to make the most of the new regulations. They then went and added improved cooling to the car which is critical in the sweltering summer races like Sepang Circuit in Malaysia.


Ebbro have produced two new models to kickoff the 2009 SuperGT GT-R range – a 2009 #1 MOTUL Autech Nismo GT-R and a 2009 Okayama Test car used during aero prototyping at Okayama circuit. Cars representing each team are also planned so also look out for a IMPUL Calsonic #12, Hasemi TOMICA Ebbro #3 and a WOODONE ADVAN Clarion #24 model to follow.

Ebrro models are superb in quality but limited in production, especially the test car versions. Pick them up while you can!

Photos: 14Moon Blog
Link: Buy Ebbro GT-R Models Online @ HLJ.com