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Super Techno ZZD Brake Pads for R35 GT-R

August 6, 2008

How can anything Super Techno be bad. These brake pads certainly aren’t and in case you were wondering Super Techno brake pads are used in many different forms of Japanese motorsports from Group A racing to SuperGT/JGTC. These pads are a circuit focused design but can also be used on the street. Two types of pad are available in this range for the GT-R, the standard circuit/street pad (RX) and the higher temp pad (RZ). Both pads retail for the same price.

Front pads start at 56,000 yen (part number F248RX) a set and rears are 46,000 yen (part number R249RX) a set. Expect these at your online GT-R retailers globally soon.

Link: Super Techno Home Page
Source: Super Techno via GTR-World.net

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