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Sunline Racing GTspec TiTANIUM RS Exhaust

June 9, 2008

We first saw the titanium range of Sunline exhausts for R35 GT-R back in March 08 when Ben from GTC-R fitted one up to his new Nissan GT-R. That was the Sunline GTspec TiTANIUM SR street spec exhaust. Sunline also have a circuit spec exhaust the GTspec RS shown above which we haven’t featured here yet. You can see it’s still all titanium but with even less material so it’s lighter again. There are less bends so it should flow better and it’s significantly louder to boot.

The benefit of using less titanium is also a reduction in price. The stree spec GTspec SR retails at 339,000 yen ($3,300 USD) while this circuit spec GTspec RS comes in at just 268,000 yen ($2,600).

The competition front pipes to go with it (deleting two of the four cats) cost 149,100 yen RRP ($1,400 USD).

Click the read more link below to see the photo gallery of Sunline Racing street and circuit spec exhausts.

Source: Sunline Racing press release via GTR-World.net