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Stillen Release AP Racing Rotor Upgrades for GT-R

January 14, 2009

Cost effective brake upgrades don’t come around every day on the Nissan GT-R. When you have 380mm rotors standard clamped by massive Brembo calipers it has to be something pretty great to be considered an upgrade. Stillen have been working with AP Racing on putting together something that does just that though.

These AP Racing rotors feature an improved, track oriented design which is more suited to extreme temperature conditions without the cracking commonly being seen on the standard drilled rotor. The curved vein design manages heat better under stress as well.

Priced at $1,169.75 USD per pair this makes for a cheaper option than paying RRP for a set of OEM Brembo rotors if yours are worn or cracked. Your standard hats are re-used but new attaching hardware is supplied for that price.

Link: Stillen Web Site