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STILLEN Release GT-R 304 Exhaust and Y-Pipe for Nissan GT-R

May 30, 2009


Adding to their growing lineup of quality tuning parts for the Nissan GT-R, STILLEN have announced a new cat back exhaust system. Manufactured entirely from hand tig welded 304 grade stainless steel, it cuts the fat off the stock stainless system by ditching exhaust note dampening mufflers and ends up 27% lighter. That is, 30 lbs versus the 41 lbs for the OE version. The polished rear section leads to four attractive looking 5″ outlets and all up the system is $2,475.

The ideal match for the light weight cat back system is a resonated y-pipe and STILLEN also have you covered there with the new release of their STILLEN Secondary Cat Delete Y-Pipe. Again manufactured from hand tig welded polished 304 grade stainless it features dual resonators to keep the drone down and flex joins to guarantee durability. It’s 47% lighter than the factory item thanks to the removal of the secondary catalytic convertors. This one sells for $768.25.

The end result is lighter exhaust with a race car exhaust note which is exactly what the GT-R needs to bring it to life.

Link: STILLEN Website | Cat Back Exhaust | Y – Pipes