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SpeedForSale: Upcoming Turbo Kits, Engine Internals

August 12, 2008

SpeedForSale has let us know of some interesting and important development work they are currently involved with.

Firstly the twin turbocharger upgrade, there’s two different upgrade plans right now. We don’t know specifics yet but high-flowing the stock items is perhaps one of them?

Pistons and conrod upgrades, forged pistons, upgraded pins and rings that are compatible with the plasma sprayed internals. H-beam forged conrods with upgraded bolts and bearings.

Main girdle/cap studs, head studs, two material types and grades will be offered to upgrade these.

More information will be coming out over the next few weeks, stay tuned!

Source: SpeedForSale and NissanGTRClub.com

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