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Spec-V Specs – Confirmations, More Rumours

July 29, 2008

We’ve certainly seen an explosion in media attention surrounding the specifications of the upcoming Nissan R35 GT-R Spec-V following a Road & Track online article over the past few days. I’ve been meaning to post an update too I just wanted to verify the source and claims as best I could. This is a post I started typing three days ago but checking details is slow…

A lot of this info we’ve of course seen before over at CBA-R35 blog when mindlessoath posted it over a month ago. In fact this information dates back to around June 10th when it first started being reported in Japan:

  • The Spec-V is due for release in October 2008
  • Rays Forged Aluminium Six Spoke 20″ Wheels
  • Carbon Rear Wing
  • Carbon Front Seats
  • No rear seats, carbon storage area replaces rear seats
  • Rear strut tower bar
  • Updated carbon rear diffuser
  • Carbon Ceramic brake rotors were made optional
  • GR6 Transmission tweaked
  • Power output: 520ps
  • Torque increased to: 61kg/m²
  • Boost increased to 0.85 bar
  • Weight: 1640kg

Since this information has come out I’ve chased down a few more facts and a few rumours.

Brakes are upgraded but the carbon ceramic rotors that were being tested are options. The standard spec brake callipers are also different to what we’ve seen so far testing at Nurburgring.

The seats are similar to the Recaro SP-X CL100 which normally retail close to $7k each. The Spec-V’s seats are made by Recaro so it makes sense they are GT-R trimmed SP-X shells.

Of course the bad news rumour is that the Spec-V may be delayed past it’s October launch. It’s unknown when it will be released but best guesses are January 2009. Hopefully before Tokyo AutoSalon. I’m secretly hoping this is true so I can be in Japan for the media event.

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