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GT-R SpecV: It’s Finally Here! Official Press Launch Photos and Details

January 8, 2009

The official media launch of the latest evolution of the Nissan GT-R, The R35 GT-R SpecV was held today at Nissan headquarters in Ginza, Tokyo Japan.

The SpecV had finally arrived for Japanese media to get a look at and photograph. GTRBlog was in town for the launch and now our readers can get their first look at the Spec-V in final production trim. There were three Ultimate Opal Black SpecV GT-Rs and one Brilliant White SpecV GT-R at the launch.

The Nissan GT-R SpecV contains quite a number of improvements over the base model GT-R. Most of which we covered in previous posts on the subject but today Nissan GT-R Chief Engineer, Kazutoshi Mizuno cleared up the details in a detailed talk on the new car.

Carbon Ceramic Brakes

The SpecV is the first Nissan production car to be offered with carbon ceramic brakes. The Brembo 6 piston aluminium calipers are delineated from the standard GT-R by their aluminium colouring and “Brembo Carbon Ceramic” markings. The calipers are physically the same as their standard GT-R cousins but they are fitted with special SpecV brake pads.

The carbon ceramic rotors themselves save significant amounts of unsprung weight while they are also increased in size to 390mm. Both rotors were on hand to pickup and compare. The carbon rotors feeling featherweight compared to the standard items.

Overboost Button

The SpecV features a steering wheel mounted overboost button which shares a switch with the cruise control function. An electronic circuit designed to provide more than standard boost for a short period of time to increase power for overtaking maneuvers for example. When used, the dashboard overboost green light illuminates and the SpecV’s midrange torque is increased for the next 80 seconds.

Ultimate Opal Black Color

A second new color is added to the Nissan GT-R lineup this year (after the new Brilliant White was added on the MY09 GT-R series II) called Ultimate Black Pearl. This color is very similar to the Midnight Purple colours on previous GT-R generations. Under some lights it can appear as anything from purple to bronze.

Engine Bay

The engine bay features a new engine cover specific to the SpecV.

Rear Spoiler
The rear spoiler is changed from the standard GT-R. It is slightly higher and is designed to increase rear downforce for sports driving. The wing element section is made from dry carbon fibre with a matte clear coat to protect it from the elements.

One of these new SpecV GT-Rs will set you back 15,750,000 yen including Japanese consumption tax Nissan say. The online SpecV configurator now available however says you can pay up to 17,835,450 yen for the optioned out model including tax.

Nissan will be publicly displaying the Spec-V at four Nissan Gallery locations from tomorrow (9th of January) for three weeks. These locations are:

  • Nissan HQ Gallery, Nissan HQ building Ginza
  • Nissan Gallery, Ginza
  • Nissan Gallery, Nagoya
  • Nissan Gallery, Fukuoka

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Link: Nissan GT-R SpecV Web Brochure
Link: Nissan GT-R SpecV Configurator

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