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SouthSide Performance Transmission Cooler for Nissan GT-R

April 2, 2009


SouthSide Performance have now backed up their previous transmission strengthening clutch upgrades with a new transmission cooler codenamed the GR6-TC230RS.

It may appear cryptic to you but when you consider that the SSP transmission cooler’s aim is to keep your transmission fluid around the 230 degree F region then it all begins to make sense.

This transmission cooler comes with an extended sump billeted from 6160 aluminum. The sump is is also finned to increase the surface area and thus offer cooling properties by itself. That’s not all though, the transmission fluid is pumped by a high volume pump through a bar and plate cooler. Two electric fans assist air moving through the cooler to assist when outside airflow is minimal.

Priced at $3,199 the SSP transmission cooler should be available around the end of April 2009. The full press release can be read after the jump…

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota (March 30, 2009) – South Side Performance is offering, another exciting product for track prep for the R35 GTR, our R Spec Race Transmission Cooling System for the Nissan GR6 Dual Clutch Transmission. This component is another in a line of SSP products that protects vital drive train parts to support high horsepower GTR‘s.

In months of testing R35’s running very aggressive power combinations, SSP has tireless worked to create a wide array of components for the GR6 transmission in order to increase its ability to support high horsepower applications. SSP has experience with high horsepower AWD cars and knows that heat is a huge barrier to the durability of these complex transmissions. After 3 months of testing we came up with a 3 part system to lower trans temps as much as possible to allow GTR owners to enjoy their cars on the track while keeping the transmission fluid at a manageable temperature.


When it comes to cooling any fluid for the race track, there are many proven solutions. After long discussions and testing of a few different options we finally came to the conclusion that we did not need to settle on one method, but instead our goal became to find a way to integrate all three solutions into one system. A system that would integrate increased fluid volume, increased exposed area of the oil sump, and cycling the fluid out of the transmission and into a bar and plate set up as far from the heat sources as possible. The result of the integration all of these proven methods is our Heavy Duty Race Spec Cooling System, the GR6-TC230RS (Transmission Cooler 230 degree target temperature Race Series). This system includes: a 2 1/2 inches deep sump made out of a single block of 6160 Billet Aluminum and is finned to allow for as much cooling as possible, a bar and plate cooler with two heavy duty fans that sits in the rear valance between the exhaust tips, and a high volume pump that runs the entire set up by way of steel braided -8 lines with zero pressure drop. This all adds up to a system that contains 4 quarts more fluid and runs significantly cooler than stock, even when pushed to the max in a racing environment.

During extensive testing we saw an average temperature drop of between 20-30 degrees. This is demonstrated by one of many data sets during an event at Buttonwillow Raceway in Buttonwillow, CA.

Testing Results:
Buttonwillow Raceway’s average temperature of the day was 72 F.

Without cooler:
Start temp 188 F
Lap 1) 208 F
Lap 2) 231 F
Lap 3) 248 F
Lap 4) 258 F
Lap 5) 264 F
Lap 6) 267 F

With cooler on:
Start temp 188 F
Lap 1) 202 F
Lap 2) 218 F
Lap 3) 227 F
Lap 4) 232 F
Lap 5) 235 F
Lap 6) 238 F

This comprehensive cooling solution includes everything needed to to install and mount the system and is made out of the highest quality materials to ensure durability and performance on and off the track.

Price and Availability:
This upgrade is available for pre-order starting today for $3,199.00. SSP will have these in-stock on a regular basis by the end of April with a lead time of about one working week. This means no more waiting weeks or months to get the parts you need, because with SSP your power solution is always just a phone call away. For more information contact us at: 605.331.7889 or by email sspwholesale@rocketmail.com and for more SSP Product listings visit: www.sspperformance.com