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SouthSide Performance Solid Transmission Mounts for Nissan GT-R

July 1, 2009


The Nissan GT-R is a potent supercar for sure, but there are some notable tweaks that could be made that some people think may elevate its status again to ultimate motorsports weapon. One motorsport in particular that’s cause for concern is drag racing since the high torque loads that this sport subjects the GT-R’s transmission to are known to cause a component or two to come under some unusual stresses.

That’s the sort of thing that the guys at SSP have been thinking of for quite some time now and to that end, they’ve designed and machined these solid transmission mounts to assist coping with the loads the GT-R’s tranny sees. These are said to go some way

These solid trans mounts are CNC machined from solid aluminum and designed to be direct fit replacements for the OE rubber and liquid filled items. These mounts are available in two packages, a stage one including four mounts that remounts the transmission alone on solid mounts and stage two, a further four mounts, that replaced the upper liquid filled transmission mounts as well. There’s eight mounts in the total package.

This modification isn’t for everyone and it may not be suitable for your daily driven street car. You’ll see (well hear really) an increase in noise and vibration in the rear as everything is now solidly linked together. For those guys tracking the car more regularly they’re worth considering.

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