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South Side Performance Release GTR820RR Turbo Upgrade for R35 GT-R

January 15, 2009

South Side Performance announces today the completion and availability of the first turbo upgrades for the Nissan GT-R. The GTR820RR turbo upgrade kit. The kit comes with upgraded actuators, turbine wheels and compressor wheels as well as including machining of your standard turbos.

The GTR820RR kit is designed to provide more power at standard boost and bring that power on sooner in the rev range. It also gives the tuner the capability to push the turbos to much higher levels of boost and make more power than seen up until now, provided the supporting modifications are there of course.

The upgrade costs $6,499 and requires exchange of your standard turbos and a turnaround time of about a week.

South Side Performance products are available exclusively through GT-RR.com, check the range at the link below.

More technical specifications and photographs after the jump where we have posted the complete press release.

Link: South Side Performance Products @ GT-RR.com

SouthSide Performance

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota (January 16, 2009) – South Side Performance is offering, for the first time in the U.S., a turbo upgrade capable of 820 HP* for Nissan’s newest supercar.

After months of R and D, South Side Performance have found a turbo combination with greater efficiency, faster spooling, and a stock style fitment for ease of installation. The result is a kit capable of making 820 HP* (when combined with other modifications). Due to the high efficiency of these turbos, GTR owners can run lower boost and make more power. The result is one of the first true big power upgrades available for the R35 GTR.


These Garrett ball bearing turbos are a direct bolt-on that utilize CHRA oil lube and are water cooled. They require only one line to be changed and can be properly installed with basic tools and equipment. The price of the kit includes the machining each of the stock turbos and installation of an upgraded actuator, 53.8 mm turbine wheel, and 68 mm high pressure billet aluminum compressor wheel which is efficient up to 32 PSI.

The turbos were specifically designed to bring bigger power at lower boost and to utilize the fastest spooling turbos available for the size and application. The result is a turbo that makes more power at stock boost levels and starts making boost lower RPM’s than stock. This combination allows your GTR to enjoy the benefits of power lower in the power band that continues all the way to redline.

Price and Availability:

This upgrade is available exclusively from our distributor www.GT-RR.com
and will be available with exchange of the stock turbos for $6,499.00 or without exchange for an additional core charge. Turnaround time will be minimal, usually about one working week.

For a complete listing of South Side Performance products currently available please visit: http://gt-rr.com/r35/manufacturer/south_side_performance

For additional product information directly from South Side Performance, please contact us at: sspwholesale@rocketmail.com

*When combined with supporting modifications