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SouthSide Performance Launch SSP 820RS GT-R Intake Manifold

January 22, 2009

South Side Performance are not resting on the GT-R parts development just yet. After recently completing their SSP GTR820RR turbocharger upgrades for the Nissan GT-R they’ve now released this SSP 820RS intake manifold upgrade to suit.

After trying a few variations on the upgraded manifold theme, this shape was found to offer a consistent and linear increase in airflow and hence horsepower. All else being equal it was good for 15hp and 28ft/lbs of torque increase on the demo GT-R. Check the dyno chart below.

The SSP 820RS intake manifold is designed to bolt onto your stock fittings and throttle body. The beauty is that it’s also got some room to grow on that side of things if you choose to opt for a larger diameter throttle body at a later date. Something tells me something might be coming out soon in that department…

Total volume in the manifold is increased more than 100% over the standard item while the weight is actually decreased. Your standard engine cover will no longer fit on but your choice of aluminium or gloss black finishes are available.

Price is $2,699 and limited stock is available right now. Once the limited stock is sold units are built to order within about a week.

The video you see below is of the SSP/ZCarGarage demo car fitted with the manifold upgrade, among other things. Check the whole press release and some more photos after the jump

Thanks to Forbes from ZCarGarage.com for pointing me in the right direction for the video.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota (January 21, 2009) – South Side Performance is offering, another world’s first for the R35 GTR, the SSP 820RS intake manifold. This component is just the first in a line of SSP products that will move power hungry GTR owners towards 820 HP, when paired with our recently released GTR820RR Turbo Kit.

The intake design is the result of months of testing a wide variety of shapes and designs before finding a design that would make big power, and still be pleasing to the eye. As with nearly all SSP products, the intake utilizes stock lines, and is designed to utilize perfect stock style fitment of all under hood accessories.

But, this intake is more than just a pretty face, as its main purpose is to provide the lung capacity to make major power. With just simple bolt ons, this intake has been proven to make 15 whp and 28 Ft lbs of torque on stock turbos. These power gains are linear and constant all the way to redline, as the intake feeds an ever increasing supply of air to the GTR’s fire breathing 3.8L V6 (SEE DYNO GRAPH FOR DETAILS).


The 820RS Intake manifold’s design utilizes time tested racing technologies to make its power. The manifold incorporates 5 in extruded D-Plenum technology, 2 ¼ in velocity stacks, and 45 degree intake runners that utilize a straight shot for air into the intake. The openings are machined 60mm openings for fitment of the stock throttle bodies, but the intake also incorporates some room to grow should you want to later upgrade to larger throttle bodies down the line. The result of all this technology is an intake that has over 2 times the air volume capacity over stock and is also lighter than the unit it replaces. No need for your plastic intake cover as this intake is sure to draw they eye in either raw machined aluminum or a gloss black powder coat.

Price and Availability:

This upgrade can be purchased direct or from any of SSP distributors and is available today for $2,699.00. Availability is limited, as these units are built to order, but wait time will be minimal, usually about one working week. For more information contact us at: 605.331.7889 or by email sspwholesale@rocketmail.com and for more SSP Product listings visit: http://www.sspperformance.com/GTR/Engine/