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SouthSide Performance Launch Front Mount Transmission Cooler for Nissan GT-R

May 31, 2010

More and more options for cooling off your GT-Rs GR6 DCT are making their way to market every month it seems but there’s been some quiet murmurs amongst owners that some aren’t performing quite as expected. SSP hope to change that with their new kit that offers track proven cooling performance to back it.

The kit includes a high quality Setrab core fed by a thermostat controlled pump, and a billet extended DCT oil pan that effectively increases transmission fluid volume.

Looking at availability starting June 7th, pre orders up now and the price is $2499.

For more information and contact details, hit up the read more link below to read the full press release…

Link: SouthSide Performance Website

Sioux Falls, South Dakota (June 1, 2010) – South Side Performance is offering, another exciting product for track prep for the R35 GTR, our R Spec Race Transmission Cooling System for the Nissan GR6 Dual Clutch Transmission. This component is another in a line of SSP products that protects vital drive train parts to support high horsepower GTR‘s.

In months of testing R35’s running very aggressive power combinations, SSP has tireless worked to create a wide array of components for the GR6 transmission in order to increase its ability to support high horsepower applications. SSP has experience with high horsepower AWD cars and knows that heat is a huge barrier to the durability of these complex transmissions. After 2 months of testing we came up with a 3 part system to lower trans temps as much as possible to allow GTR owners to enjoy their cars on the track while keeping the transmission fluid at a manageable temperature.

During extensive testing we saw an average of 220-225F degrees after 10 hot laps in 85F+ temps. This is demonstrated by one of many data sets during an event at Fontana Raceway in California.

If you are tired of GR6 coolers not performing as promised, step up to the new SSP Trans Cooler. SSP offers a full 1 year warranty on all components. This is the only proven GR6 cooler to keep the temps under 230F, and not trigger any shut downs.

This comprehensive cooling solution includes everything needed for quick install. We have used the highest quality materials to ensure durability and performance on and off the track.

Price and Availability:
This upgrade is available for pre-order starting today for $2499.00. SSP will have these in-stock on a regular basis by June 7, with a lead time of about one working week. This means no more waiting weeks or months to get the parts you need, because with SSP your power solution is always just a phone call away. For more information contact us at: 605.359.7829, or by email kris@sspperformance.com.