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Shadow Sports Design R35 GT-R: Attention to Details

January 30, 2009

There’s more to the design in the Shadow Sports Design GT-R than just the name. There’s good old fashioned workmanship and care put into these creative parts. I think that drawing attention to them again Attention to detail is obvious in the way the carbon ducts in the front underspoiler actually lead to the brakes.

The rear dry carbon spoiler is elevated and shaped to enhance downforce at the rear while being curvaceous and attractive. The weight is down over the standard item as well. The rear under diffuser fins are again dry carbon and functional.

The wheels are another Shadow Sports Design original created together with Enkei, the forged magnesium construction gives them strength while keeping the weight down.

The overall feeling you get from this GT-R is one of subtleties and quality with extra attention paid to the details. That’s something that many enthusiasts are looking for and is rare to find. I think this is why the Shadow Sports Design GT-R is one of the finest GT-Rs getting around.

Pricing unfortunately is not yet available but it will be soon. Watch this space for more as it becomes available.

Thanks to Ben from GTR23.com for the images.

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