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SEMA 2008: GTR-World and GTRBlog Scoop Details on 14 GT-Rs at SEMA

November 4, 2008

GTR-World has some scoop photos of 14 of the GT-Rs attending SEMA this year as they are setting up with Zele International at the ENEOS Oil booth. Quite a few GT-Rs are sporting some new modifications that we haven’t seen before so let’s get through them!

SEMA is broken up into three halls, Central Hall, North Hall and South Hall with the South Hall having two levels. The majority of the displays are focussed on the domestic cars but this year at least fourteen* booths are displaying Nissan GT-Rs in various states of tune.

Read on by clicking the read more link below for photos and info on the Nissan GT-Rs at SEMA

*A few more GT-Rs have made themselves known to us since writing so we’ll have a better number come showtime tomorrow.

Source: GTR-World.net: 14 GT-Rs at SEMA – Scoop Photos

Central Hall

Booth # 24501
Eneos Fully Synthetic Motor Oil
Zele International R35 GT-R Complete Edition Prototype

Since Tokyo Auto Salon the Zele International GT-R has gained a huge amount of international attention. the Zele GT-R has finally landed in the US. The main feature on display for the Zele car is the full aero kit and dry carbon parts. That the Zele GT-R matches the Eneos corporate colour is nice coincidence.

Booth # 24955
Status Racing – http://www.statusracing.com/
Z Car Garage R35 GT-R – http://www.zcargarage.com/

This car, built by Z Car Garage in San Jose, California, is featuring side skirts and rear underspoiler by Zele International. The front lip is a carbon fibre MCR built item. The car features JDM clear side markers but with MCR LED’s in them for that special touch.

The wheels are one of HRE’s latest offerings, being launched at SEMA this year. They are the 20 inch C90 competition series wrapped in Toyo Tires of course. Top Secret suspension kit was one of the first in the US.

The interior head liner is trimmed in black alcantara, something a lot of US owners are keen to try.

Booth # 25163

This Midnight Purple II Nissan GT-R has a modification list longer than both my arms. Fortunately we’ve already featured an entire article on it so for details check it out here.

Booth # 20951

The Haltech booth with GTRMOD built Nissan GT-R. This features the upcoming Platinum series ECU for the Nissan GT-R. A full ECU solution which controls everything from the fuel to the VVT while still maintaining accessory items like cruise control. The Platinum ECU is due for release in a month so stay tuned on that one.

This car also sports some Rays TE37 wheels in 20″ GT-R fitment.

Booth # 21511
Seibon International Inc.

Seibon Carbon parts featured here include a original hood, trunk, sideskirts, front lip and front bar design. Some similarities between some of these designs and Japanese parts designs.

Booth # 21503
H&R Special Springs LP
Team Perrin R35 GT-R

Lowered about 3/4″ and riding on some 20″ alloy wheels. Not much else known about this car right now.

North Hall

Booth # 10257
Mine’s R35 GT-R

One of the best known tuners in Japan. This is a legendary GT-R we need say no more about. Click here to see our collection of the many many Mine’s articles on parts and achievements.

Booth # 10481
Vivid Racing

Well known and infamous now, the Vivid Racing GT-R sports some in your face graphics. Click here to read our Vivid Racing SEMA features.


Booth # 43069
Toyo Tires

The second of the GT-R’s that Ben from GT-RR.com built. Featured at the Toyo Tires booth launching the new Toyo Proxes R888 tires. We wrote a big article on this car you can read here.

Booth # 41171
Hankook Tire
TiTek R35 GT-R

TiTek is now getting a name for producing quality carbon fibre parts for the Nissan GT-R. Their GT-R is on display here rocking some BBS LM-DBK 20″ wheels and a Power House Amuse front lip spoiler.

Booth # 41171
Axis Sport Tuning
Axis R35 GT-R

Axis corporate colour is yellow so how could their GT-R be anything else? Creative and original this GT-R looks like a bumblebee in that scary, you might have an allergy, kind of way. It’s running a Cobb AccessPORT and has the entire Password:JDM carbon parts catalogue fitted up. Some carbon fibre canards finish off the front end.

The wheels, of course, are Axis and this model is launched at SEMA this year.

Booth # 45192
Giovanna, Gianelle GFG

Two cars featuring 21″ and 22″ Giovanna wheels and equally massive Continental tires.


Booth # 36215
Nissan North America

Just a stock GT-R…

So there you have it. More details and photos to come of course so stick around.

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