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SEMA Preview – GT-RR.com GT-R With Toyo Tyres

October 24, 2008

SEMA is coming up fast and by all accounts it will be wall to wall Nissan GT-Rs this year. Ben from Bulletproof Automotive has his hands in 12 different GT-Rs in one way or another but is personally overseeing the design of two.

The highest profile of which would probably be the GT-RR.com 2009 GT-R with Toyo Tyres which he plans to cover with carbon fibre in all kinds of tasteful ways. This GT-R will feature long awaited Toyo Proxes R888 tyre in 20″ size. 285/35ZR20 at the front, a marked increase over standard, with huge 315/30ZR20 at the rear. Surely those will see some smiles on the faces of the track day crowd.

The new Toyo Tyres wrap some exclusive, limited edition BBS LM-DBK wheels one of only 100 sets produced worldwide. Just the kind of wheel you want to show off your Endless Mono6 six piston racing brake setup with, yes the car features this drool worthy brake setup.

A liberal application of Power House Amuse products will also be on display on the GT-RR.com GT-R from the R1 TITAN STTi Exhaust to the dry carbon rear wing and front diffuser.

Below we see that Amuse rear wing matched with a carbon trunk on which we see the distinctive weave peek through to contrast against the pearl white. Ben’s a fan of carbon fibre but only when used in moderation so expect creatively painted carbon parts to be the order of the day.

So what else will be there? Carbon hood? Check! Zele parts? Check… You’ll have to get along to the Toyo Tyres booth, South Hall, booth #43069, to get ALL the details though.

Check out the rest of the sneak peak photos after the jump. Thanks to Ben for giving us permission to display his photos.

Link: The Real JDM Blog – Bulletproof Automotive’s Blog