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Schmieden Front Lip Spoiler for Nissan GT-R

July 14, 2009


You may not have heard much about Schmieden before and that’s not really surprising. In the past this German-by-name Japanese based firm has been all about forged wheel and aero manufacturing for Deutschland’s finest exports.

Like other Euro tuners in Japan however, they could not resist the temptation to tweak what is clearly the best car to come out of Japan of all time and stamp their mark on the GT-R tuning scene.

Which is what they’ve done with this attractive 3-piece from lip spoiler released this week. The first piece is the center section which is then added to by two canard components. The canards themselves are available in either GFK (glass reinforced plastic) or carbon fibre.

Cost wise, you’re looking at 183,750 yen for the carbon version and 152,250 yen for the GFK version in Japan.

Link: Hashimoto Corp Schmieden Product Website